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What's up for 2016?

Chairman Ravanera's New Year's Message

Dearly beloved kindred spirit in the Cooperative Movement:

A blessed happy new year!

We look back at 2015, the Centennial Year of the Philippine Cooperative Movement, as the year when the movement evolved into a solid force for sustainable development. A hundred years of experience has prepared the Cooperative Movement to take stock of its role in national development and to look beyond our shores in promoting social enterprise through cooperativism.

Chair Ravanera new

Cooperative Development Authority

Champions are made because of their dreams and their passion with the brave heart to single-mindedly put those dreams into reality despite threats, attempts to life and extra-ordinary sacrifices. For passionately working on regaining back the lost ecological integrity, on empowering the people, on pursuing peace in Mindanao through cooperativism and his advocacy for transformative cooperatives for People, Planet, Prosperity and Peace, he was recently adjudged as the Community Championin a national search by the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth), aptly describing him as a Hero.