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featured 2016 05 10 ilijanThe Brgy. Ilijan is located 28 kms away from the City Proper of Batangas. It is considered the third largest barangay with an area of 1,007.32 hectares and has about 5,000 population. It has around 3,000 voting population. It is considered as an agro-industrial site wherein the 1,200 MW KEPCO- Ilijan Corp. is located. This company supplies electricity to Dasmarinas and Tayabas grid. Currently, the area is composed of laborers, professionals (teachers, engineers, and employees), farmers, fisher folks, OFWs, youth and senior citizens.

Before 1992, the area was an agri-fishery area. Most of the residents were farmers and fisher folks. The average income of the residents were only about P1, 000.00 to P2, 000.00/month. The mode of transportation was Banca/motorboat. Its frequency of travel to the city was only twice (2x) a week with travel time of one and a half hour. There were only two (2) jeepneys plying to the area via Lobo, Batangas where the frequency of travel was only once a week. The travel time then took 3-4 hours to the city. There was no electricity and the residents used kerosene lamps. The road was rough, rugged and bumpy. During summer season, the road was dry and dusty while during rainy season, the roads were impassable and the seas where tempestuous.

The development of  the area started when electrification was introduce in the year 2000. Presently, there are several mode of transportation plying to the area and back to the city. The travel time has shortened to half of its previous period.

In 1992, the National Power Corporation (NPC) and the Brgy. Council of Ilijan  mutually and explicitly agreed to organize a cooperative to socially prepare the barangay in the establishment of an electric power plant, the Korean Electric Power Corp. (KEPCO). It has been agreed that the residents would form and be the members of a cooperative wherein they would manage and administer the Development and Livelihood Fund (DFC). Its origin was based on the objective of the NPC and the Brgy. Council to provide employment and uplift the lives of its residents though the cooperative. Thus, the Ilejan Multi-Purpose Cooperative (IMPC) was organized and registered in 1997 with 15 members who were mostly displaced owners of the land occupied by  the   company.    It has an initial paid-up capital share of four thousand five hundred pesos (P4, 500.00).

  The cooperative started its operation rendering janitorial services and canteen operation located in KEPCO in 2002. It took five years to start its operation due to social preparation such as trainings, recruitment, and negotiation with the company, residents and barangay officials. The labor service contract between KEPO and the IMPC was officially enacted that year. One of the projects of the NPC and the Council was the acceptance of workers/laborers who were members of IMPC wherein the coop would screen and select qualified members.

At present, the coop is composed of 861 members with paid-up capital of three million ten thousand two hundred pesos (P/3,010,200.00). Its asset is seven million, one hundred twenty eight thousand seven hundred thirty-three pesos (P/7,128,733.00), the volume of business is about twenty eight million pesos (P28-M) such as consumers store/mini-mart, saving and loans service, and labor service (contracting/sub-contracting). The cooperative has established partnership with the SSS called the “Alkansya ng Bayan” project. The average income of its members ranges from P20, 000.00 to P25, 000.00.

The cooperative plans to expand its operation in nearby barangay.  It is expected to deploy more worker/laborer-members by establishing  another power plant, called the Marubeni Corp.