MC 2018-03 | Detailed Instructions/Activities On October 20, 2018 And Other Co-Op Month Related Events

September 27, 2018

Series of 2018



To reinforce the CDA Board of Administrators’ Resolution No. 386 series of 2018 declaring October 20, 2018 as Cooperative Day and as promulgated by Memorandum Circular No. 2018-02, we would like to inform all concerned about the detailed Program of Activities and other instructions as agreed upon by the Co-op Month Steering Committee in the conduct of Cooperative Day for their guidance and smooth orchestration/execution of the said event.

1. All participating co-op officers, employees and members are enjoined to wear their respective coop t-shirts. For those coops which were able to secure coop Philippines marque t-shirt, their respective members may wear those t-shirts in the cooperative month activity;

2. All members of the co-ops who have Facebook accounts are enjoined to incorporate in their respective profile pictures the “2018 Cooperative Month Celebration” photo frame. The FB Profile picture frame can be accessed thru the FB account of the Media Affairs Committee Member Ronde D. Alicaya;

3. As agreed by the Co-op Month Steering Committee, the official theme of the National Cooperative Day (October 20, 2018) is “MAKABAGONG KOOPERATIBA PARA SA KALIKASAN, KAPAYAPAAN, KAUNLARAN AT SANG KATAUHAN” with the kicker slogan “Sa bawat henerasyon may progresibong rebolusyon; Rebolusyong Kooperatiba -NGAYON NA!” that is the theme for the National Cooperative Day. However, since the Cooperative Month involves other major events like the 14th National Cooperative Summit, the Philippine Cooperative Center banners a summit theme: “Overcoming Challenges, Succeeding Together Under One Apex.” On the other hand, CDA has evolved a theme “Cooperatives: Partners for Building Resilient and Empowered Communities Towards a Better and Stronger Community” which will be highlighted in the Gawad Parangal Awards Night. Since the entire cooperative movement will have simultaneous and synchronized events on October 20, 2018, we will showcase the National Co-op Day theme. For this purpose, the 2” x 3” size streamer is prescribed with the uniform color theme [download this link]. They may use the template prepared by the committee for other messages they wish to convey to the public during to the public during the event please download the link;

4. Since we envision a simultaneous show of force by involving the members of cooperatives who need not travel long if the program is to be held in their respective provincial capitals, we originally planned an activity for every congressional district. Since the time of preparation is of the essence with this kind of nationwide simultaneous festivities, the Cooperative Month Steering Committee will settle for province-wide activities outside Metro Manila and citywide activities for the National Capital Region. Documentation of attendance in the National Cooperative Day activities is crucial to determine the sector’s strength in numbers as indicated by the co-op members who will attend the event on that day. The CDA Cooperative Development Specialists with the guidance of the Regional Director are directed to identify cooperative-partners and their counterparts in the Local Government Units for logistical support and other incidental expenses. The mobilization of attendees is entrusted to the Cooperative Development Specialists. In the spirit of cooperation and meaningful participation, all participants shall be responsible for their own food;

5. The CDS, the identified Local Coop Partner and the identified LGU counterpart shall constitute Local 2018 Coop Month Convenor (LCMC) and are tasked to invite local media (print and broadcast) to cover the event. They shall endeavor to issue local press releases of the event. If the participants will take photos of the actual conduct of every activity and post or publish these on social media, everyone is required to use the hashtag #1CoopNation;

6. Prominent cooperative personalities in the national level like legislators, CDA top officials in the Central Office, partner agencies including leaders of the tertiary federations and unions may join the activities organized by local convenors in the province/city of their choice;

7. Following is the Flow of Activities on October 20, 2018:

Arrival and Registration (For Head count purposes) 7:00 – 8:00am
Parade 8:00 – 9:00am
Programme 9:00-12:00nn
Preliminaries (Prayer/Anthem/Coop Pledge/Acknowledgement by area)
Messages of key coop leaders and local leaders must revolve around the theme.
Community Outreach Program (depending on the choice of the LCMC
o    Free Dental/Medical services
o    Tree Planting
o    Bay Clean up

8. On the National Cooperative Day, there shall be a one-page advertorial supplement in the Philippine Daily Inquirer/Philippine Star highlighting the significant information and other milestones on cooperative development. The Media Relations Committee is tasked to prepare the content of advertorial supplement and to coordinate with the Ways and Means Committee for the logistics;

9. Other major and significant activities in October

a)  National Cooperative Summit in Davao October 3-5
b)  KoopBalitaan launching of PCMTDP October 8 (9am-12am
c)  Privilege Speeches of Coop PL Legislators at the HoR In the presence of 1,200 coop members
from NCR and nearby provinces (Regions 3 & 4)
October 8 (2pm-6:pm
d)  Attendance of the Cooperative Sector in Senate Session October 9 (1pm- 5pm)
e)  Audience of pre-identified select coop leaders with the President October 17 (3pm-6pm)
f)   3rd National Muslim Co-op Summit October (TBD)
g)  Gawad Parangal Awards Night October (TBD)

The success of this 2018 Coop Month Celebration hinges on the full cooperation of everyone involved in cooperative promotion and development. May this year’s celebration bring about a new dawn and usher in a more meaningful transformation of cooperatives as real tools for societal change and economic development.

Everybody is enjoined to put to flesh the true spirit of cooperation.