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One of the functions of the Authority is the Regulatory Services.  Under this Regulatory Services is Monitoring.  The Monitoring Function is lodged to the Supervision and Examination Unit (SEU) of the Authority.  The Central Office and 15 Extension Offices have their own SEU.  The function of the said units among others, are the following:

  1. Develop, review and enhance regulatory standards and other benchmarks to guide objective assessment of cooperative performance;
  2. Monitor the implementation of regulatory policies, guidelines, rules and regulation, orders and other issuances of the Authority;
  3. Monitor the performance of cooperatives through reports, feedbacks and special information gathered from inspection and examination to ensure its safe and sound operations;
  4. Monitor the submission of the mandatory reports of the cooperatives and recommends issuance of Certificate of Compliance.
  5. Conduct  Examination as a result of the inspection upon receipt of a written complaint from any interested parties or upon request or directive from other government agencies;
  6. When necessary, conduct investigation of cooperatives upon receipt of complaint from any member or officer of a cooperative, any government agency or result of final report of inspection to ascertain whether or not acts constitute fraud, irregularity or anomaly where committed by the concerned parties in the cooperative;
  7. Recommend provision of appropriate intervention/assistance to cooperative when necessary as a result of inspection/examination.