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Bachelor of Science in Cooperative Management Students of MMSU CBEA Wanted to Have Their Own Cooperative

The Mariano Marcos State University-College of Business Economics and Accountancy offers Bachelor of Science in Cooperative Management course. As a student taking up a degree in BSCM, they realized the benefit of managing or operating their own registered cooperative to serve as their training ground. Ms. Maria Kristina L. Viloria said, “As a student taking up Bachelor of Science in Cooperative Management, we need to have our own cooperative for us to apply the learnings we had acquired in our lessons.” Well, experience is the best teacher.

As a first step in the registration process, a Pre-Registration Seminar was conducted by Cooperative Development Specialist II-Ms. Rosievic R. Medina, last May 12, 2023, at the University Review Center, MMSU, Batac City. One hundred fifty-three (153) First Year to Third Year Bachelor of Science in Cooperative Management Students attended the Seminar. The program Coordinators, Mr Hadjie Argel and Ms. Carmela Adriatico were also present during the Pre-Registration seminar. The program coordinator said that organizing cooperative owned and managed by the students of BSCM is believed to be of great importance for the students to appreciate their course better, gain experiences and acquire necessary knowledge and skills in the management and operation of a cooperative.

The students are very interested and attentive during the seminar. Educating the students about cooperative is very important because they are the youth, and they are the future of tomorrow. (ROSIEVIC R. MEDINA, CDS II)