CDA Region IV-B EO

Transport Cooperatives Unite to Aid El Niño-Affected Communities in Bulalacao

BALATASAN, BULALACAO, ORIENTAL MINDORO – On April 28, 2024, BBGP Transport and Multi-Purpose Cooperative from Gloria, Oriental Mindoro, in collaboration with transport cooperatives from Naujan and Victoria, undertook a significant humanitarian initiative. They distributed thousands of liters of drinking water and organized a feeding program to assist barangays severely impacted by the ongoing El Niño phenomenon.

The prolonged drought caused by El Niño has left many communities in Bulalacao struggling to access essential resources, with Indigenous Peoples (IP) communities particularly hard-hit. The cooperative coalition’s intervention provided much-needed relief to these areas. Understanding the dire need for clean water, the cooperatives coordinated efforts to deliver potable water to the affected barangays. This initiative was crucial in preventing health issues related to water scarcity and ensuring the well-being of residents. The water distribution directly benefited numerous families who had been struggling to find safe drinking water amidst the drought.

In addition to water distribution, the cooperatives organized a feeding program aimed at providing nutritious meals to the community. This program focused on children and the elderly, who are most vulnerable during such crises. The feeding program helped to address immediate nutritional needs and provided relief to families worried about food security. The initiative was met with heartfelt appreciation from the local community. Barangay officials and residents expressed their gratitude for the timely assistance, noting the positive impact on their daily lives. The collaborative effort demonstrated the strength and solidarity of the transport cooperatives in addressing urgent community needs.

Local leaders praised the cooperatives for their swift and effective response, highlighting the importance of such partnerships in times of crisis. The event not only provided essential resources but also brought a sense of hope and solidarity to the affected communities.