CDA Region VI EO

Cooperatives in the Service for Western Visayas

“When Noah built the ark, it wasn’t raining”, truth be told, that most of us has not thought of “building our arks” in case of flood, aye? Almost everyone did not expect COVID-19 will reach our country this fast, thinking the virus will remain at bay- much like how people did not believe Noah, that a flood is coming.

COVID-19 is highly contagious, it does not choose gender, economic status, it knows no age, it will definitely penetrate your system through close contact, whether you are healthy or not. As numbers are rising, Western Visayas is not spared, from this mare’s nest, because of this, the Local Government Units have implemented Enhanced Community Quarantines (ECQ) to their respective territories, effective as early as, March 20, 2020. Citizens were advised to stay home, work were suspended and mass gatherings were cancelled. Non-essential businesses are currently on temporary closure and only banks, hospitals, grocery stores or establishments which offers essential commodities and services will remain open.

Under this circumstance, everyone is affected and the underprivileged communities are most seriously impinged. The Local Government Units are now mobilizing its budget for social welfare. Cooperative Development Authority, thru Chairman Orlando R. Ravanera, released a memorandum encouraging Cooperatives, to utilize its Community Development Fund, and Optional Fund if needed, to extend help and assistance in any form.

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