CDA is given authority to conduct trainings to Small Cooperatives under Article 44 of RA 9520 and Rule 7 of its Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations and MC 2015-09 known as the “Revised Guidelines Implementing the New Training Requirements of Cooperative Officers.” The demand for required training has increased dramatically as the deadline for submission of mandatory reports to ensure cooperative compliance approaches. To meet the demands of our clientele, one (1) schedule per semester for these trainings was set for the calendar year 2023, as contained in the Work and Financial Plan of CDA Region VIII Office.

Cooperatives in the region received Fundamentals of Cooperatives (FOC) and Cooperative Management and Governance (CMG) training, spearheaded by the Cooperative Development Authority Region VIII Extension Office – Cooperative Research Information and Training Section (CRITs). These courses, which requires sixteen (16) hours each, were carried out effectively last April 12- 13, 2023 FOC and April 18-19, 2023 CMG with approximately 160 participants each. The training outline includes, but not limited to, the origin, philosophy, and concepts of cooperatives, cooperative laws / salient provisions of cooperative laws, cooperative plans, programs, and policies, governance principles and practices, cooperative operation and management, relevant laws affecting cooperatives, and an overview of the social and economic standards for cooperatives.

Cooperatives choose to participate in CDA Trainings, which are provided free of charge, in order to reduce their CETF expenses and for convenience. Although done virtually, knowledge held and acquired are comparable to those of physical training when internet connectivity and attention are secured.

CDA Region VIII reaffirms its commitment in guaranteeing that cooperative officers are provided with cooperative understanding through continuous training and education to enable them to effectively govern their cooperatives whilst adhering to the cooperative ideals and principles globally practiced.