Empowering Sustainable Livelihood: Collaborative Meeting Efforts of CDA and DSWD in Transitioning SLPAs into Cooperatives

May 2, 2024 at DSWD Field Office VIII, Government Center, Candahug Palo, Leyte, the CDA Region VIII Office with the Regional Director Venus M. Jornales, Sr. CDS CPDAS, Rowan L. Delos Santos and CDS II, Irish Joy I. Adrales, had a productive meeting with the DSWD personnel focusing on the strengthening of SLPAs (Sustainable Livelihood Program Associations) for their conversion into cooperatives. This move aims to enhance their capacity and sustainability, particularly in relation to the Food Stamp Program, which is part of the larger “Walang Gutom Program” of the DSWD.

The idea of federating, merging, or consolidating the assisted SLPAs into cooperatives is a strategic approach to empower these organizations and streamline their operations. By identifying them as Civil Society Organization (CSO) partners, the DSWD aims to leverage their role in ensuring food security, exemplified by the “One Barangay, One GULAY” initiative.

The cooperatives mentioned, such as Bontoc Multipurpose Cooperative, Balangkayan Agriculture Cooperative, Nagkakaisang Magsasaka ng Caibiran Multipurpose Cooperative, Calaguise Agriculture Cooperative, KASAMMAVA Farmer Irrigators Agriculture Cooperative,
and Omaganhan Farmers Agrarian Reform Cooperative, are recognized as potential suppliers for the Walang Gutom Program. This highlights the importance of their participation in ensuring the program’s success. Additionally, discussions touched upon the timeline for transitioning SLPAs into cooperatives, as outlined in a 5-year sustainability plan. DSWD 5-year sustainability plan, with the transition of SLPAs into cooperatives by the 3rd year, demonstrates a forward-looking approach to ensure the long-term viability of these initiatives.

The presence of DSWD Key personnel: Ms. Natividad G. Sequito, Division Chief for Promotive, Mr. Hermanito S. Mangalao, SLP Regional Program Coordinator, Mr. Adam Stephen Baldota, Special Project Officer, Mr. Junard Gayrama, Project Development Officer/GRMO, Mr. Noel Villones, EPAHP Regional Program Coordinator, and Ms. Maria Christina Manicani, Sustainable Livelihood Program Regional Partnership Officer highlights the collaborative efforts to strengthen livelihood programs and promote food security in the region.