Room 411, 4th Floor Annex Building, Lyman Ogilby Centrum, 358 Magsaysay Avenue, Baguio City

Bokod Sulfur Spring MPC holds online General Assembly

Holding a successful and transparent online General Assembly is informative and for the sake of transparency as the Bokod Sulfur Spring Multipurpose Cooperatives has successfully blazed against the pandemic.  Ms. Betty Calawa, the General Manager had innovated means just to be transparent and for member-owners to know what is happening with businesses of their cooperative. She enthused: “upon reading the post in the CDA-CAR Fb on step by step planning and conducting online GA amid the pandemic, we asked our IT, Jobelle Anselmo for an environment scanning and a briefing regarding an online GA.”

Hence, despite the issuance of a regulatory relief suggestive of an indefinite suspension of holding General Assembly, the whole staff and officers of the Bokod Sulphur Spring Multipurpose Cooperatives (BSSMC) did not hide in such cloak and mantle but continued on what they had already planned – online GA . They exerted all effort in the conduct of its 6th General Assembly just for members to feel that they own their cooperative. According to Ms. BETT Calawa, she said, “holding of General Assembly is not just for compliance but a moral obligation with significance.”

With the proper mindset of staff and officers, the GA planning started on July 13 and finally after two month, the culmination as well as collation of results through survey Google forms as to approved of development plan; elected officers; amendment of ACBL; and endorsement of the next external auditor were all successful.  The Annual General assembly was a partnership respectively among Local Government Units.  The BSSMC main office partnered with the Bokod Municipal Government that provided a wide screen for the public viewing of the Culmination on August 29, 2020. Four Branch managers excluding six department heads were each given an area to coordinate with Local Government Unit as well as mobilizing  member-owners in attending the online GA through sharing of available gadgets. BSSMC’s main office and branches are located in Bokod, Benguet and branches located in the provinces Benguet, Isabel, and newly acquired a gasoline station in Nueva Viscaya.-MBM