Official reports reaching the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) show an increase in the number of extortion activities against cooperatives perpetrated by various individuals and groups representing themselves to be members of the outlawed New People’s Army (NPA).

The CDA condemns these illegal and unjustified activities that cause unnecessary and additional burden to the underprivileged Filipinos who comprise the majority membership of cooperatives all over the country. While the members of these cooperatives exert efforts to uplift their economic and social well-being, extortion robs them of their hard earned resources. This is downright unfair and unacceptable.

In the NPA “extortion guide” issued by the AFP and PNP, business owners were cautioned on what to do when CPP-NPA-NDF extortion arises. Thus, when confronted with actual demands for “revolutionary taxes,” cooperatives are advised to observe the following:

  • Preserve the mobile number and text messages, call logs, extortion letters and CCTV footages;
  • Report to the nearest security forces (PNP and AFP), or to the direct contact person of both agencies,
  • Thereafter:
    • The Security Forces, thru their Intelligence personnel, will validate the report;
    • The AFP or the PNP will investigate the incident; and
    • After the validation and investigation, the AFP or the PNP will provide relevant feedback to the concerned cooperative or officer.

The CDA joins the AFP/PNP in the latter’s efforts to stop all forms of illegal activities, most especially those that are directed against cooperatives and their members.

Cooperatives are encouraged to post the “extortion guide” on their establishments, including the police and military hotlines, to generate awareness among their members and employees.

06 August 2020

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