The CDA unveils the Vision 2020 roadmap during the 2nd Performance Assessment Planning Conference at Greenhills Elan Hotel, San Juan City.  The event was coincided with the Awarding of the ISO 9001-2008 confered by the TUV Rheinland Philippines to the nine extension offices of the CDA.

CDA Vision 2020 serves as the Medium-Term Plan of the agency for 2015 to 2020.  It envisions to speak the status and performance of micro and small cooperatives while enhancing the regulatory parameters for medium and large cooperatives.  In short, the plan embraces a balance approach in the execution of the CDA’s twin functions of cooperative development and regulation.

By the end of 2020, using the baseline figure in 2013, 50% of micro co-operative shall have graduated to small category while 50% of the small cooperative shall have been elevated to medium category.