About our Logo

The CDA Logo has a striking resemblance to the logo of the President of the Philippines as it suggests that the CDA, upon creation, was placed under the Office of the President — giving historical significance to the emergence of a lead agency of the government tasked to promote the viability and growth of cooperatives as instrument of equity, social justice and economic development.

As we likewise adopted the four elemental colors of the Philippine Flag, the meaning of the colors are inferred to be the same as in the CDA logo. The blue represents traits such as justice, peace, sacrifice, and truth . The red symbolizes valor, courage, and patriotism. The white stands for fraternity, liberty, and equality. The yellow on the other hand is symbolic of freedom, unity, democracy, and sovereignty.

The outline of three persons arranged in a triangle linking their arms symbolizes the three sectors working hand in hand towards nation building: the Public, the Private (which includes POs, NGOs and CSOs) and the emerging third sector – the Co-op Sector. The seven cogs in the wheel of industry represent the six clusters under RA 11364 and the CDA as an organization.

The eight rays of the sun symbolize the seven statements of the cooperative identity and the principle of subsidiarity.

Approved pursuant to CDA BOD Resolution No. 057, s-2020 dated
February 25, 2020