Head, Human Services: Health, Housing, Workers, and Labor Services Cluster

Assistant Secretary Vergel M. Hilario of Biñan, Laguna, is married to Ms. Lizette Letun and were gifted with three children.

He started his cooperative engagement in 2008 as a Management Consultant for companies using labor service cooperatives. He audited the legal compliances of both the companies and their respective labor service cooperative providers; guided big companies on how to manage labor service engagement; and trained labor service cooperatives in managing key areas of labor service operation such as field supervision, financial control, HR management, client management, and legal compliance.

Before his assignment as one of the Board of Directors in the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), he was the Executive Director of the Union of Legitimate Service Contracting Cooperatives or ULSCC, a Union of 30 Labor Service Cooperatives. ULSCC is one of the main partners of CDA in educating the cooperatives, crafting labor service policies, and developing good practices for the sector. ASec. Ver Hilario or ASec. Ver, as he is popularly known, has served as one of the Board of Directors of a labor service cooperative from 2016 until 2023.

Prior to his involvement in the cooperative, ASec. Ver served as Audit Manager and HR Director of Kimberly-Clark Philippines. He also served as HR Manager of Kimberly-Clark Asia Pacific. Asec. Ver is a graduate of BSC Accounting and a CPA.