MC 2017-02 | Guidelines on the Conduct of Pre-Registration Seminar (PRS) for Prospective Members of Would-be Primary Cooperatives

Series of 2017


The Cooperative Development Authority pursuant to the powers vested in it by RA 6939 and RA 9520 hereby promulgates the following Guidelines on the conduct of Pre-Registration Seminar (PRS) exclusively by the CDA.

Section 1. Legal Bases

Article 10, RA 9520, “Organizing a primary Cooperative. – Fifteen (15) or more natural persons who are Filipino citizens, of legal age, having a common bond of interest and are actually residing or working in their intended area of operation, may organize a primary cooperative under this Code : Provided, That a prospective member of a primary cooperative must have completed a Pre-Membership Education Seminar (PMES).”

Par.  b) Section 3, RA 6939, “Powers, Functions and Responsibilities.-The Authority shall have the following powers, functions and responsibilities:

b) Develop and conduct management and training programs upon request of cooperatives that will provide members of cooperatives with the entrepreneurial capabilities, managerial expertise, and technical skills required for the efficient operation of their cooperatives and inculcate in them the true spirit of cooperativism and provide, when necessary, technical and professional assistance to ensure the viability and growth of cooperatives with special concern for agrarian reform, fishery and economically depressed sectors.

Section 2. Purpose.  This Guidelines is issued to provide and prescribe the conduct of Pre- Registration Seminar (PRS) to be given to prospective members of would-be primary cooperatives and to direct the creation of a Pre-Registration Seminar Team (PRS TEAM).

Section 3. Conduct of PRS.  The PRS shall be conducted by the following:

1. CDA Extension Offices
2. CDA Field Office/CDS

The Extension Office through its CRITS shall supervise and monitor the conduct of the PRS.

Section 4. Composition of PRS Team. A PRS TEAM must be created in every region to conduct PRS which shall be composed of the following:

4.1. CDA Extension Office

a) Senior CDS for CRITS – Team Leader
b) Technical personnel from Registration Section
c) CDS II assigned in the Regional Office

4.2. CDA Field Office

a) Cooperative Development Specialists assigned in the Province/City

Section 5. Implementing Mechanism

5.1. Frequency of conduct.  The regular schedule of the conduct of the PRS shall be done in the following manner:

i. CDA Extension Office – at least once a month;
ii. CDA Field Office – at least once per quarter;

PRS shall be held regularly in all the CDA Extension Offices to be conducted at the regional level and field offices taking into consideration the center and most accessible place for the prospective cooperatives.

The Extension Office Director shall ensure that this activity is properly and regularly scheduled, coordinated and disseminated to all concerns. Notice/s or advisory shall be posted in the Regional and Provincial Offices, and CDA Regional/ Central Office websites;

For requests received by the CDA field offices, the CDS shall inform and seek the approval of the Extension Office Director before the conduct of PRS.

5.2. Resource Persons. In the actual conduct of PRS, the following shall act primarily as resource persons:

– Extension Office PRS – Senior CDS for CRITS; technical staff from Registration Section; and CDS assigned in the region;
– Field office PRS – CDS assigned in the province or the CDA Extension Office authorized representative;

CDA Officials from the level of Directors to Administrators may act as resource persons in topics requiring expertise such as Cooperative Banks, Electric Cooperatives, Labor Service Cooperatives, Insurance Cooperatives and other special type of cooperatives.

6.3. Resource Materials. The cooperative laws (RA 9520, RA 6939), its IRR and the prescribed PRS course outline as attached herein shall be the curriculum to be adopted in the conduct of PRS.

6.4. Certificate.  The Certificate of Completion of PRS shall be given to all participants who attended the PRS to be issued by the following:

i. CDA Extension office – Senior CDS for CRITS;
ii. CDA Field Office – CDA representative who conducted the PRS.

For purposes of registration of cooperatives, a Certification of Attendance to PRS shall be issued by the CDA Extension Office signed by the Senior CDS for CRITS and noted by the Extension Office Director.

6.5. Availing of PRS.  The PRS shall be given free of charge to the cooperative and no fees shall be accepted from the participants, however, the participants may bring their own food.

Section 7. Effectivity. This Guidelines shall take effect upon approval of the Board of Administrators.

Approved by the Board of Administrators on February 1, 2017 per Resolution No. 452, s-2017.