MC 2018-04 | Registration of Transport Cooperatives / Transportation Service Cooperatives by the CDA-Central Office, Registration Division

Series of 2018

TO :  All Concerned


DATE : September 5, 2018

Pursuant to CDA Board Resolution No. 344, S-2018, dated August 13, 2018, the registration of Transport Cooperatives/Transportation Service Cooperatives by the CDA Extension Offices is hereby temporarily recalled and is placed within the jurisdiction of the CDA Central Office, Registration Division.

Section 1. Purpose

This Guidelines is issued for the orderly registration of Transport Cooperatives/ Transportation Service Cooperatives and in compliance with the requirements provided under RA 9520, Rule V of the Special Provisions of the Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations, and relevant administrative issuances of the CDA.

Section 2. Coverage

This shall govern the registration of prospective Transport Cooperatives/ Transportation Service Cooperatives and existing cooperatives intending to render public transport services such as land and sea/water transportation services, but is limited however to small vessels, for the safe conveyance of passengers and/or cargoes.

Section 3. Jurisdiction

All applications for registration of prospective Transport Cooperatives/ Transportation Service Cooperatives and any amendment of the Articles of Cooperation and Bylaws of existing cooperatives to include public transport services shall be filed with the respective CDA Extension Offices (EO) having jurisdiction over the principal offices of the proposed Transport Cooperatives/ Transportation Service Cooperatives or of the existing cooperatives.

Section 4. Validation of Applications for Registration

Upon receipt of applications for registration, the respective Extension Office shall conduct an initial verification/validation thereof in accordance with Article X of CDA Memorandum Circular No. 2015-01.

Section 5. Final Evaluation and Issuance of the Certificate of Registration

After the verification/validation, said Extension Office shall forward the registration documents together with the appropriate recommendation to the Registration Division of the CDA Central Office for final evaluation and issuance of the Certificate of Registration. Should the applicant completely satisfy the requirements needed.

Section 6. Conduct of Pre-Registration Seminar (PRS)

The Pre-Registration Seminar shall be conducted by the Extension Office concerned in accordance the Memorandum Circular No. 2017-02.

Section 7. Registration Requirements.

A. For prospective Transport Cooperatives/ Transportation Service Cooperatives, the following requirements shall be submitted to the Authority in four (4) copies:

  1. Articles of Cooperation and By-laws;
  2. Sworn Statement of the treasurer elected by the subscribers showing that at least twenty-five per centum (25%) of the authorized share capital has been subscribed and at least twenty-five per centum (25%) of the total subscription has been paid: Provided, that in no case shall the paid-up share capital be less than Fifteen Thousand Pesos (P15,000.00);
  3. Certificate of Attendance to a Pre-Registration Seminar (PRS) issued by the CDA;
  4. Certificate of Attendance to a Cooperative Education and Transport Operation Seminar (CETOS) issued by the OTC;
  5. Surety Bond of Accountable Officers handling funds, properties and sureties;
  6. Economic Survey;
  7. Favorable endorsement from the Office of Transportation Cooperative (OTC) or other government agency designated by DOTC;

B. For existing Transport Cooperatives/ Transportation Service Cooperatives the following requirements shall be submitted to the Authority in three (3) copies:

  1. Copy of Amended Articles of Cooperation;
  2. Copy of Amended By-laws;
  3. General Assembly Resolution;
  4. BOD and Secretary’s Certificate;
  5. Treasurer’s Affidavit in case of proposed increase in capital;

All applicants shall be likewise required to pay appropriate registration fee upon approval of the application for registration.


Section 8. Number of members required for Registration.

Fifteen (15) or more natural persons who are Filipino citizens, having a common bond of membership and are residing or working in the intended area of operation.


Section 9. Capital Requirements.

For purposes of registration with the Authority, Transport Cooperatives/ Transportation Service Cooperatives shall have a minimum paid up capitalization of Fifteen Thousand Pesos (P15,000.00).

However, to operate as such, the minimum capitalization and number of units owned by the cooperative shall be in accordance with the rules and regulations prescribed by the concerned government agency as shown below:

A. Land
Tricycle P15,000.00 5
Jeepney P30,000.00 5
Taxi P30,000.00 5
AUV/FX/VAN P30,000.00 5
Mini Bus/Bus P50,000.00 2
Trucks for Hire P50,000.00 2
B. Water
Ship P10,000,000.00 1
Ferry Boat P5,000,000.00 1
Motorized Banca P100,000.00 1


Section 10. Repealing Clause.

All circulars, regulations, issuances or parts thereof, inconsistent with any of the provisions of this Circular are hereby repealed or modified accordingly.

Section 11. Separability Clause.

If any provision of this Guidelines is declared null and void or unconstitutional, the other, provisions not affected thereby shall continue to be in force and effect.


Section 12.  Effectivity

This Guidelines shall become effective upon its approval by the Board of Administrators and fifteen (15) days after registration with the office of the National Administrative Register (ONAR).

Approved by the CDA Board of Administrators on September 21, 2018 per BOA Resolution No.394, S-2018.

For the Board of Administrators