MC 2020-19 | New Guidelines in the Conduct of General Assembly Meetings of Cooperatives

Series of 2020.


Pursuant to the Omnibus Guidelines on the Implementation of the Community Quarantine in the Philippines with Amendments as of August 2, 2020, issued by the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) For the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases, all types and categories of registered cooperatives are hereby advised of the new guidelines in the conduct of their general assembly meetings, as follows:

1. The conduct of the annual general assembly meetings and elections of cooperative officers of electric cooperatives (ECs) for the year 2020 are hereby cancelled;

2. Other types and categories of cooperatives shall have the following options:

a. Cancel the conduct of the general assembly (GA) meeting for the year

2020, provided that the following requirements are complied with:

a.1 inform the general membership of the cancellation of the GA; and

a.2 submit to the Authority a board resolution approving the cancellation of the GA, together with a letter signed by the Chairperson or General Manager stating the reason/s why they opted not to conduct the GA meeting. These documents shall be sent by email to the email address of the CDA Central Office or the Regional Office having jurisdiction over the cooperative.

b. Proceed with the conduct of the GA meeting, on or before September 30,

2020, through any of the following modes:

b.1. Videoconferencing for cooperatives allowed under MC Nos. 2020-10

and 2020-12.

b.2. Physical Attendance in the conduct of GA meetings for cooperatives whose areas are under the Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ), provided that they comply with the Omnibus Guidelines of the IATF. Officers who will not be able to attend physically during the holding of GA meetings because of the restrictions imposed by the Omnibus Guidelines may participate through videoconferencing.

Strict compliance with the standard health protocols, such as sanitation of the venue, chairs, tables or microphones, wearing of face masks, hand sanitizing and social distancing of participants, must be ensured during the conduct of physical attendance of GA meetings. Moreover, the number of participants shall be limited to 50% of the seating or venue capacity.

3. For cooperatives whose GA meetings are to be cancelled, the funds allocated for the

purpose may be used in their operations as additional working capital.

4. Incumbent officers shall serve on a hold-over capacity until the conduct of the next

regular GA meeting and election of officers.

5. In order to retain the one-half plus one of the set of the members of the board of directors’ term of office as set forth in its By-laws, the cooperative shall have the following options:

a. All elected officers whose original term of office ends on CY 2021 shall have

an extension of one (1) year of service; or

b. The one-half plus one set of the members of the board who shall obtain the highest number of votes in the election to be conducted for CY 2021 shall serve for two (2) years and the remaining half of the elected directors shall serve for one (1) year.

Options may vary depending on the provisions stated in the By-laws of the cooperative or in accordance with its approved policies, election rules and guidelines.

All CDA Regional Offices must endeavor to inform and disseminate this Circular to cooperatives of all types and categories within their jurisdiction.

This Circular takes effect immediately.

Approved per BOD Resolution No. 205, S-2020 dated July 29, 2020.

For the Board: