CDA Region X EO

Macapagal Drive-Crossing Canitoan,
Zone 2, Barangay Canitoan
9000 Cagayan de Oro City


Everything has its own beginning either in a humble way or in abundance. Every established organization always desires to attain success in its endeavors. These desires are the foundational ingredients that give birth to the systems and structures put in place to realize these dreams. People who have optimistic and compassionate concern for their affiliates will always think and plan for their benefits. Alagad, Katikista, and Leaders are church workers of the Roman Catholic Church who always conducted a meeting on how to meet the prevailing issues and challenges affecting the lives of the individual church workers in terms of economic assistance like transportation and food in attending church activities. Not only church activities but in terms of the basic needs of their individual families to be cared for. They felt that this need became a barrier in serving the family and the church. It was a very difficult task to do, due to inefficient knowledge and expertise about handling a large group of people more especially in developing a business that will benefit everyone. Fortunately, it was Fr. Felemon Ares, Jr. who endorsed/recommended to utilize/occupy the vacant area at the back of the Parish Convent for the Consumer Store. Despite the challenges, the operation continued but later it stopped operating.

In 1992, some of the leaders and members of the Alagad and Katikista once again gathered and shared brilliant ideas on how to revive the organization to help its members to uplift their way of living, so they came up with a decision to re-organize to become a COOPERATIVE.  


In the year 1994, the By-Laws of the Cooperative was formulated with eagerness and working hand in hand painstakingly until the Alagad, Katikista Cooperative was successfully registered to the Cooperative Development Authority with a registration No. CGY-1846 dated November 25, 1994, with capitalizations of only P2,550.00 and 17 members. Due to some reasons, the operation of the cooperative was taken for granted and the cooperative vanished again. 


In June 2008, during the Parish Pastoral Council meeting with the presence of Church leaders including members of Alagad and Catechist initiated the repair and improvement of the ALKALEAD MPC building, and the source of funding was granted by the Provincial Government. On August 28, 2008, the Consumers Store of ALKALEAD MPC restarted its operation with the starting share capital of Thirty Three Thousand Pesos (P33,000.00) and inventory beginning of only Sixty Thousand Pesos (P60,000).


In July 2009, it was discovered that the Consumer Store was not properly managed and the whole operation was quite not good, however, somebody took the challenge by rescuing the dying cooperative who has shown expertise and exemplary performance on the cooperative movement. A genuine extension of a helping hand, addressing with empathy the needs of the members and putting yourself in the shoes of the intended recipient of a good or service places the entrepreneur in the perfect position to assess the performance in terms of the delivery of the product will always give people more than what they expect to BE OF SERVICE.


The present officers and management did the BEST PRACTICES of the COOPERATIVE that have impacted on the development and membership of the cooperative through a strong commitment to volunteerism and cooperativism; strong cohesiveness and unity; adhering to the coop values and unity; strict implementation on policies especially on loan-related transactions; member and service-oriented (fast service); good governance, and Volunteer Assistance Fund. 


 In the year 2012, the CDS II of the Cooperative Development Authority, the late Victor C. Martinez happened to visit the By-Laws of ALKALEAD MPC and found out that the membership was solely for the Alagad, Katikista, and Leaders of the Roman Catholic Church. He advised amending the By-Laws to be open to any natural person to increase the membership of the cooperative. On June 8 of the same year, the amendment was approved, thus, everything was put in place.


ALKALEAD MPC turned their workplace into a friendly environment so that their customers will feel comfortable and the members will also be encouraged to get involved in making decisions when it comes to the products and services offered by the cooperative. 


ALKALEAD MPC activities, projects for initiatives that promote social or economic development in the community composed of the following: Consumer Store; Farm Financing/Production; Meat Stall; Rice Trading; Savings and Loan Services; Training for Livelihoods such as Rabbit and Goat Raisings, and Bonsai Training for Youth and Children. Promote skills training and establish income-generating activities such as candle making, lumpia production for GAD, recently use another scheme through animal dispersal with a pass-on-a-gift to support the program of the government on food security and sustenance in partnership with the MSCF utilizing their Community Development Fund. The CDF was not utilized at once but multiplied several times. The cooperative also initiated training and given out rabbits/goats not only on members but with non-members as an effort to increase the cooperative members and also to raise the awareness that coops are not only for loans and credits. 


ALKALEAD MPC upholds and promotes cooperation among cooperatives with MACO MPC; FICCO; MCDC; QUAD Pharmacy in terms of financial assistance during outreach program such as Feeding Programs, Brigada Eskwela; Coop month; Tree Planting Activities; and distribution of Foods, Medicines, and PPEs during COVID 19 Pandemic. 


Aside from engaging outreach programs, the coop management enables to help and coaching other small and micro coops in accomplishing and organizing their reports such as CAPR, Financial Statement with a very minimal compensation just to replenish the expenses incurred. They were also challenged to develop their initiatives in improving their ways of doing things and receptive to new approaches or methods. 


ALKALEAD MPC acquired IACCS 2013 Computer Program by COREDEV SOLUTION INCORPORATED as a sytem provider to hasten the works of the cooperative. 


Currently, ALKALEAD MPC is compliant with all requirements prescribed by the Authority. The Cooperative also complied with all requirements mandated by the government agencies such as Municipal Permit; Certificate of Compliance to CDA; Tax Exemption Certificate from BIR; NFA permit. With the previous leadership, the coop’s operation reached its first million assets with various services such as loan and saving services, meat stalls, rice trading, on-line processing services, and other income-generating activities.  


At present, ALKALEAD MPC has 7 working staff who received minimum wage and enjoying benefits from SSS, Pag-ibig, and Philhealth. The cooperative also increased its ASSETS from P311,165.14 to P10,557,013.60 with REGULAR and ASSOCIATE MEMBERS from 190 of 511 and SHARECAPITAL from P245,098.87 to P3,330,632.64 as of December 31, 2020.


Recently, ALKALEAD MPC received the CDA Gawad Parangal 2020 a Recognition of Koop Bayanihan Effort during COVID 19 Pandemic dated October 30, 2020, in the Cooperative Regional Office 10. On October 22, 2019, ALKALEAD MPC Lalso received PLAQUE OF RECOGNITION as Outstanding Cooperative under the Small Scale Category with a cash price of TEN THOUSAND PESOS (P10,000.00) given by the PROVINCIAL COOPERATIVE DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL (PCDC)  in Bukidnon. During the Cooperative Month Celebration held at Municipal Ground, Anahawon, Maramag, Bukidnon on October 18, 2019, ALKALEAD MPC received Certificate of Outstanding Cooperative from Maramag Cooperative Development Council (MCDC) with a cash price of P1,000.00.


ALKALEAD MPC always brings back all the glory and honor to the Almighty Heavenly Father for without Him everything is impossible. Human efforts are not enough to get all these accomplishments, but through Him who bounteousness gave the knowledge, wisdom, and guidance, hence, ALKALEAD MPC operations have become successful.