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CDA Region 10 Hosts Virtual Legal Forum on CDA Omnibus Rules of Procedure

CDA Omnibus Rules of Procedure

CDA Region 10, the Cooperative Development Authority’s regional office responsible for the development and regulation of cooperatives, recently organized a highly informative virtual legal forum. The webinar focused on shedding light on the Cooperative Development Authority’s Omnibus Rules of Procedure, an essential legal framework of remedies that can be availed by the cooperatives in the region. The event took place on June 27, 2023, and was participated by all types and categories of cooperatives in the region.

The resource person was Atty. Ansarah Julynne R. Maongco, the esteemed legal officer of CDA Region 10. During the webinar, Atty. Maongco presented a comprehensive lecture of the CDA Omnibus Rules of Procedure, focusing on its key provisions in relation to the cooperative’s dispute mechanism, and the CDA’s speedy resolution of cases through the process of adjudication. The CDA Omnibus Rules of Procedures, promulgated on December 17, 2022, had been introduced through the advent of R.A. No. 11364 or the CDA Charter of 2019 which granted the CDA of its quasi-judicial power. She discussed further on the various legal aspects of conciliation-mediation, voluntary arbitration, investigation, adjudication, and finished the presentation with a discussion on the dissolution, liquidation, and cancellation of a Certificate of Registration of the cooperative. Her presentation was highly informative, providing participants with a clear understanding of how they can avail of these remedies as cooperative members.

Furthermore, the webinar facilitated interactive discussions and question-and-answer sessions, enabling participants to seek clarifications and share their insights. The engaging and collaborative nature of the event fostered a sense of unity and cooperation among the attendees, creating a platform for cooperative leaders and members to learn from one another.

In conclusion, the CDA Region 10’s virtual legal forum on the CDA Omnibus Rules of Procedure was a resounding success. The event witnessed an impressive turnout, with 335 participants attending the virtual webinar. These participants represented a diverse range of cooperatives from all over the region, totaling 95 cooperatives in attendance. Through the expertise of Atty. Ansarah Julynne R. Maongco and the interactive nature of the event, participants gained valuable knowledge and insights, empowering them to navigate the legal framework with confidence and ensure the continued success of their cooperative.