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Government Agencies Collaborate to Combat Iodine Deficiency Disorders through Revitalization of Regional Bantay Asin Task Force

Regional Bantay Asin Task Force

The Cooperative Development Authority, alongside other government bodies and local government units, extended their efforts in the revitalization of the Regional Bantay Asin Task Force and the retooling of LGUs and RBATF X members on the use of the WYD Iodine Checker on February 22-23, 2024. This imperative event held at the Limketkai Luxe Hotel, Cagayan de Oro City, was made possible through the initiative of UNICEF Philippines in partnership with the National Nutrition Council and the Department of Science and Technology-Industrial Technology Development Institute.

UNICEF Philippines and the National Nutrition Council provided a comprehensive overview of the National Salt Iodization Program with updates on the New Salt Industry Revitalization Law and its profound implications for mandatory salt iodization under the Act for Salt Iodization Nationwide (ASIN). To get rid of health issues concerning goiter, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, cretinism, infant mortality, and mental impairment, stakeholders reaffirmed their commitment to this fight against Iodine Deficiency Disorder.

The enactment of the Act for Salt Iodization Nationwide (ASIN), also known as Republic Act 8172, in 1995, stands as a pivotal milestone in this ongoing battle. Recognizing the accessibility and affordability of iodized salt compared to iodine-rich foods such as tuna, seaweed, shrimp, oysters, and crabs, health authorities emphasize the Department of Health and Food and Drug Authority’s role in ensuring the widespread availability of this essential nutrient. The ASIN Law’s principle is to promote public safety through cost-effective preventive measures. In ensuring regular monitoring of the standard iodine content in salt available in the market, the retooling of the WYD Iodine Checker represents a significant advancement in this matter. The usage of this device was demonstrated successfully by experts from DOST-ITDI to RBATF X members and sanitary inspectors.

In conclusion, the National Nutrition Council provides strategic plans to sustain the provision of quality iodized salt to the public. Our concerned government agencies’ collaborative efforts at the revitalization of RBATF and retooling of LGUs serve as a commitment to safeguarding public health and well-being against the scourge of iodine deficiency disorder.