What Difference Do Cooperatives Make? International Evidence Summit 2021


JOIN US WDDCM Agenda set for Evidence Summit 2021!

The WDDCM Global Evidence Summit will present data-based evidence and outcomes of four country studies conducted by the ICRG over the last few years to answer one question: What Difference do Cooperatives Make? Hear the perspectives of senior leaders from the US and internationally, including USAID and the ICA. Help lay the groundwork and direction to put this compelling evidence into practice!

Supported by national and international cooperative leaders, come to the Summit and learn about the local context in which these systems thrive, with a discussion of methodology and findings from OCDC and a panel of thought leaders from the four countries where the research occurred.

These thought leaders will be accompanied by remarks from Karl Fickenscher, Deputy Assistant Administrator (Acting), Bureau for Development, Democracy, and Innovation (DDI) USAID, Bruno Roelants, Director General, International Cooperative Alliance (ICA), Outgoing Chairman Orlando R. Ravanera, Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) Philippines, Incoming Chairman Joseph B. Encabo, Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) Philippines, Mr. Ali Noor Ismail, Principal Secretary, State Department for Co-operatives, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Co-operatives, Prof. Zofia Chyra-Rolicz, University of Siedlce, Poland, and Dr. Richard Webb, Director, Institute of Peru, Peru, and Jeffrey Moxom, Research Coordinator, International Cooperative Alliance (ICA).

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