ADVISORY: CY2023 Required Reports Submission in the Cooperative Assessment Information System (CAIS)

The Authority recognizes the difficulties that the cooperatives are experiencing using the Cooperative Assessment Information System (CAIS) in the submission of required reports most especially during the period nearing deadlines due to technical issues.

To address these difficulties and somehow minimize if not totally eradicate the technical issues and concerns that will also ensure the timely and complete required reports submission, the Authority shall implement a number coding in the schedules of submission of mandatory reports, based on the last numerical digit of the cooperative’s certificate of registration number.

The Authority is also hopeful that this scheme will also increase the compliance of cooperatives in the submission of required reports.

To realize this, compliance officers, employees and/or officers in-charge to encode/submit the cooperative required reports in the CAIS are advised to strictly observe the following schedule:

Last Digit of the Cooperative’s
Registration Number
Schedule to Encode/Submit the
Required Reports
1 and 2 Every Monday
3 and 4 Every Tuesday
5 and 6 Every Wednesday
7 and 8 Every Thursday
9 and 0 Every Friday
All cooperatives Saturdays and Sundays

Please be informed that the use of the OFFLINE CAPR or the Alternative Mode of Submission of Required Reports is SUSPENDED TEMPORARILY.

Guided by Memorandum Circular No. 2022-19 titled “Guidelines Prescribing the Requirements for the Issuance of a Certificate of Compliance (COC) and the Grounds for NonIssuance, Suspension” after the successful online submission of required reports, the
cooperative shall submit the printed system generated Acknowledgement Receipt together
with one (1) original copy of the Audited Financial Statements (AFS) to the CDA Head/Extension Office that has jurisdiction to the cooperative.

For the information and guidance of all concerned.

17 January 2024

Download Advisory HERE.