ADVISORY (March 10, 2022)

The Authority is signatory to the Inter-agency MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT  ON THE PROCEDURE FOR APPLICATION FOR MERGER, CONSOLIDATION AND ACQUISITION OF BANKS. The Agencies involved in these Memorandum of Agreement are the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC), Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) and the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC).

In operationalizing aforementioned Memorandum of Agreement, the Agencies involved  will be issuing an Implementing Guidelines for the Streamlined Procedures for Applications for Mergers, Consolidation, and Acquisition of Banks.

Relative thereto the Agencies involved in said MOA, would like to solicit your comments, suggestions, and recommendations on the herein attached draft Implementing Guidelines. Please use the template below as reference:

Section Comments, Suggestions, Recommendation Name Cooperative                           (Authorized Representative)

Kindly submit your written comments, suggestions, and recommendations on or before March 11, 2022, to the Legal Division, CDA through email address [email protected]

For your information.

Draft on Streamlined Procedures for MCA of Banks