On June 5, 2021, the Sectoral Apex Organization of Finance Cooperatives Cluster head
Assistant Secretary Vidal D. Villanueva III addressed the members and officers of the cluster
during its first General Assembly Meeting and Election of Officers.



To our beloved Chairman Undersecretary Joseph “Joy” B. Encabo, my colleagues Assistant
Secretary and Acting Administrator Myrla B Paradillo, Assistant Secretary Virgilio “Boy” Lazaga,
Assistant Secretary Abad L. Santos, Assistant Secretary Penny Disimban, and Assistant
Secretary Samm Guinomla, Regional Directors

Director Pedro Defensor
Director Josefina Bitonio
Director Angelito Sacro
Directror Marieta Hwang
Director Salvador Valeros0
Director Cristina Villamil
Director Atty. Maria Lourdes Pacao
Dirrecor Franco Bawang
Director Engr. Doreen Ancheta
Director Doctor Nora Patron
Director Venus Jornales
Director Ruben Cunanan
Director Glenn Garcia
Director Elma Oguis
Director Aminoden Elias
Director Genaro Pogata, Jr.
Of course, Director Atty. Elizabeth Batonan of CDA Legal and Regulations Department
Director Monalisa Arriba-Juarez of the Credit Surety Fund Department
Chief Melissa Santos
My Chief of Staff Elfleda Villanueva
Atty. Grace Mangrubang
CDA Staff gathered here
Most especially among mga pinangga ug gitamod (our beloved and distinguished) na mga
cooperative leaders. Ladies and Gentlemen, maayong hapon kanatong tanan.

Today is another milestone in the cooperative sector because we are going to officially organize for the first time a sectoral apex organization under the new law, Republic Act No. 11364 or the Cooperative Development Authority Charter of 2019. On this organizational meeting, we will also be electing from among the presidents of the Regional Clustered Organizations as well as those duly authorized representatives of the cooperatives as identified by the CDA pursuant to Section 3.1 of Memorandum Circular 2021-05, who will have automatic seat in the Sectoral Apex Organization.

But before that, I would like to thank each of you for actively participating during the organization and election of Regional Clustered Organization Officers and for welcoming the challenges of your position as President of your respective regions. Thank you for accepting the responsibilities and obligations that lies ahead of you. 

My appreciation, as well, goes to the PCC, PFCCO,NATCCO,  BANGKOOP, Insurance coops, and CSFs, for your attendance in today’s activity.

Pursuant to Section 4 (z) of R.A. No. 11364 entitled Powers and Functions of the Authority, it provides that the Authority shall recognize sectoral apex organizations and a national alliance representing all types and categories of cooperatives which shall function as the overall consultative and coordinating body with the Authority.

Moreover, Section 3 (y) of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of R.A. No. 11364 defines Sectoral Apex Organization (SAO) as a recognized association of Regional Clustered Organizations, including tertiary federations and union of cooperatives operating nationwide, to serve as consultative body in the national level on issues and concerns affecting their respective clusters.

During the organization and election of RCOs, it was the Regional offices who facilitated the proceeding. Now, on this initial organizational and election of SAO, the CDA Head Office, spearheaded by me as the Cluster Head is now tasked to facilitate this activity. 

The President and the Vice President and one alternate who will be elected today in this Sectoral Apex Organization shall represent the Finance Cooperatives Cluster in the National Alliance of Cooperatives (NAC) in the performance of the Alliance’s functions.

While the CDA is here as a developmental and regulatory government office, consultative bodies from the grassroots level up to the national level, are significant to aid our clientele and stakeholders share proposals and come up with recommendations in crafting of memorandum circulars, orders, policies, regulations, and laws and at the same time assist the Authority in cascading the same down to the cooperatives and its members.

Additionally, the CDA’s mandate is undoubtedly achieved when everyone involved in this sector has an open communication line. Through this constant communication, the CDA and the sector  will be able to consult with one another to identify issues and concerns and thereafter find solutions. 

We are all in this together.  To borrow the words of my former boss and mentor  Former Cebu Governor and House Deputy Speaker Pablo P.  Garcia, “In this country and in spite of all competition, the cooperatives will not only endure and survive but, as certain, as the sun rises in the East, will triumph and prevail.”

Maayong hapon kanatong tanan and I pray that the great Senior Santo Nino de Cebu will continue to bless us and our loved ones and cover us with his powerful hands to spare us from any harm and danger.