A three-day Gender Sensitivity and Analysis Training for 30 personnel of the CDA across the country is conducted by the CDA in coordination with the Gender Equality Resource Center Philippines. The training-workshop is being held this July 13-15, 2015 at Ciudad Christia, San Mateo, Rizal.

In his message, CDA Deputy Executive Director Giovanni Platero stressed that this training “goes beyond the examination of the dichotomy between the role of women and men on development.” It is more of “appreciating and recognizing the mutual complementation of their roles on development” Director Platero added.

The GERC is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) formed as an advocacy group aims to mainstream the Gender and Development in cooperatives. “GERC was formed as an offshoot of the Asian Women in Cooperative Development Forum (AWCF) when its office was transferred to Thailand,” Salome Ganibe, GERC Phils Gender Consultant/Trainer, shared the participants during the introduction of GERC. “This training-workshop is conducted in our attempt to instill thorough and deeper understanding what Gender and Development is all about among CDA GAD Focal persons” Melisa Santos, CDA CRITD Head, emphasized during the conference briefing.

Cleng Salonga of CRITD facilitated the participants reflection on the video presentation and workshop activities while Ma. Theresa M. Saliendra of GERC discussed Concepts on Gender and Sex.

Meanwhile, Alexander Raquepo, another GERC trainer provided thought provoking insights, issues and challenges confronting the Gender and Development. He also shared the traditional mindset and perception on the dominance of men over women in governing cooperatives.

Also expected to talk in the training is CDA Administrator Mercedes Castillo, Oversight Administrator In Charge for GAD program. She will discuss content of MC-2013-22, the framework for Mainstreaming GAD in Co-ops. At the end of the training the participants are expected to evolve Monitoring Tool to gauge the implementation of MC 2013-22