CDA Grants Special Assistance for Recovery and Alleviation to Cooperatives

The government has made its primary commitment to cause the growth and development of the Filipino people through cooperatives.  Various agencies act collectively towards the achievement of unified goals of recognizing the cooperative as an important organization that contributes to economic development.

As the lead government agency in the promotion and development of cooperatives, the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) shall synchronize the efforts of other government institutions towards the common goal of empowering cooperatives to become instruments of equity, social justice and economic development. One of the CDA’s mandate under RA 11364 or the CDA Charter of 2019 is, to administer all grants and donations exclusively intended for cooperatives coursed through the Authority for cooperative development.

In most cases, financial grants and donations are provided to cooperatives which are on its development stage or those at the micro and small categories needing assistance and support to start and or sustain their operation.

Cooperatives which experienced breakdown in their operation brought by either calamities and disasters, the recent pandemic and other difficulties,  should also be given priority for any assistance and support, especially financial assistance.  They need to recover and rebuild their system and operation for the benefit of its members.

Against this backdrop, CDA has embarked on a program to provide financial assistance/grant to cooperatives needing special assistance to recover from the onslaught of pandemic, disaster and other adversities they have encountered and alleviate their plight to continue serving their members.

Fifty (50) cooperatives will receive financial assistance subject to submission of project proposal and other requirements as specified in the CDA Guidelines.

List of beneficiaries