By: G.T.Platero

In line with the 24th Anniversary of the signing of RA6939 (The CDA Charter), the CDA launches the Audio Visual Presentation as part of the Agency’s effort to drumbeat to the public the importance of cooperative in socio-economic development. The digital format of the said video clip which runs for 16.02 minutes is a product of a 3 months preparation from script writing to location shooting facilitated by the technical staff of the Cooperative Research and Information Division of the CDA.

The Philippine Information Agency (PIA) ushered-in technical guidance and expertise in the design and production of the content of the AVP which augments the communication advocacy program of the agency. Throughout the Video presentation, the five policy directions under the Philippine Cooperative Medium-Term Development Plan (PCMTDP) were highlighted. The PCMTDP is the cooperative sectors’ complementary blueprint of the President Benigno S. Aquino social contract with the Filipino as vital component in achieving inclusive growth and poverty alleviation. The first Policy Direction aims to strengthen and enhance the service mechanism of the CDA. The second Policy Direction envisions to provide an enabling environment for the strengthening and development of cooperatives. The third policy direction outlines program and activities that would make cooperatives locally and globally competitive. The fourth Policy Direction on the other hand promotes cooperatives as vehicle for social transformation for People, Planet, Prosperity and Peace. Finally, the fifth Policy Direction attempts to mainstream cooperative membership among Filipinos.

The AVP showcases model cooperatives from different part of the country which are mostly winners of the GAWAD Parangal – the CDA’s annual search for most outstanding cooperatives.

“Hopefully this is just the beginning of coming up with this kind of campaign material because there is a long way to go to achieve the goal of mainstreaming cooperative membership across the Filipino population.” This was stressed by CDA Chairman Emmanuel M. Santiaguel during the final meeting with the production staff of PIA last March 4, 2014.