Celebrating COOPERATIVE MONTH across regions

October marks the annual celebration of Cooperative Month throughout the nation. This month-long celebration is traditionally recognized and participated in by cooperatives and their members, the government sector, the non-government organizations and the entire cooperative movement by way of conducting and joining the activities that promote cooperativism, and its impact to social and economic development.

“Kooperatiba ay Pagyamanin, Mga Kasapi, Paramihin” a sub theme of the IYC 2012 theme – Transformative Cooperatives for People, Planet, Prosperity and Peace is the theme of this year’s Cooperative Month Celebration which highlights significant activities/ initiatives towards promoting membership in cooperatives and awareness building among the public about cooperatives. Insofar as promoting sustainable development, undertakings were focused on promoting people, planet, prosperity and peace.

In order to achieve the goal of increasing awareness and understanding of public about cooperatives, the CDA Regional Offices in partnership and coordination with the cooperative sector in the region, initiated Hanging of Streamers/ Tarpaulins bearing the Cooperative Month theme, simultaneously in the public places and their respective offices. Majority of the regions (Regions II, CAR, NCR, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII and CARAGA) conducted and participated in the activities such as Motorcade, Coop Parade/ Foot Parade, Coop Walk/ Fun Walk/ Fun Run; Kick-off Caravan and Guestings over Local Radio and TV and other info drive/campaign programs.

Fora/ Congresses, Summit Seminars/ Lectures/ Trainings, Coop Consultation/ Coop Cliniquing and Coop Officers’ Enhancement were also conducted to thresh out issues and concerns about cooperatives and to download new information among cooperatives. These were facilitated and assisted by CDA Regional Offices. Among these include Regions I, II, CAR, NCR, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII and CARAGA which initiated the activities in partnership with LGUs, CDCs, Coops and Government Agencies. Topics tackled include Coop Taxation; Power or Electric cooperatives; Coop Insurance; Social and Performance Audit; Leadership and Values Re-Orientation; Financial Service cooperatives; Parliamentary Procedure; CDA Issuances, Related Laws and other Updates. Other topics which also have relevance in the cooperative operation and management are Sexual Harassment and Child Abuse; Coop Managers’ League; Cooperative Enhancement; Records Management; Gender Awareness and Development; Livelihood Showcasing such as Culinary Arts, Handicrafts, Organic Farming, Food Technology, Industrial Arts, and Wellness and Fitness Program actual; Livelihood Seminar on Ginger Propagation; Organic Vegetable Production,Animal Production, Sustainable Agriculture.

Other regions conducted Koop Lakbay-Aral or Coop Study Tour; Co-oplympics, Inter-Coop Sport Fest; Coop Whiz Contest; Grand Aerobics; Coop Family Day and other interactive sessions to promote camaraderie and teamwork among the members of the cooperatives.

One of the important activities this Cooperative Month was the Gawad Parangal Awarding/ Recognition of Outstanding Coops, Coop Leaders and Partners. Outstanding cooperatives and partners were recognized for their exemplary performance and contribution to the cooperative movement.

As a way to show the concern for the environment, CDA Regions II, CAR, NCR, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI and XII, together with the cooperative movement in the locality, joined in the environmental activities and undertakings such as Tree Planting, Mangrove Growing/ Tree Growing Festival; Coastal Clean up; Clean-Up Drive of Waste Materials, Cleaning the Seashore Area; and Pulot Basura Program.

There are also community outreach programs conducted and initiated where the cooperative sector in different regions showed its social concern and responsibility. These were through Dental and Medical Mission; Feeding Program; Love Drive (Relief Goods); Blood Letting; Concert for a Cause; and Pledging Session for the “10 a day Save a Life Program”.

To showcase the best of the regions in terms of product development, the regions ran the Parade of Coop Products,Trade Fair/ Koop Tiangge, Coop Exhibits/ Trade Expo/ Bazaar/ Agro-Fair, Cooperative Market, Cooperative Festival and other similar undertakings.

In Regions II, CAR, NCR, III, IV, VI, IX, XI and XII, cooperatives and its partners, conducted Cooperative Fellowship; Cooperative Night; Search For Cooperative Ambassador/ Ambassadres; Coop Film Showing; Province – Wide/ Local Coop Summit/ Congress; Regional Gender Summit in Coops; Membership Expansion Summit; Valenzuela Tripartite Conference; and People’s Mining Summit to showcase the best practices of cooperatives and to draw participation of the cooperative sector in issues that may have concern in nationwide building.

As the Cooperative Month Celebration progresses, it encourages public participation and awareness/ understanding about cooperatives, its importance in nation building and contributions to sustainable economic development. Through these vital undertakings across regions, the cooperative movement is strengthened and united.