• Kim’s Dream
  • Orlando R. Ravanera

His Excellency President Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte is correct when he said that the Northern Countries, i.e. USA, is responsible for the damages brought about by climate change and must therefore allocate compensation to countries greatly affected especially our country which is the 3rd hardly hit country in the world by the ecological turbulence. The USA while just having 5% of the world’s population, is responsible for 40% of the CO2  global emissions because of a flawed development paradigm that is heavily dependent on fossil fuel and coal. The 19 USA-based fossil companies led by ExxonMobil are earning 10 trillion dollars every year or 15 million dollars every minute! Such gargantuan rakings are used to finance candidacy of politicians and the mainstream media to hide the horrors of climate change which has been described as an unprecedented crime against life and humanity. Apparent is the moral collapse as exemplified by religious groups!

Professor Lawrence Torcello of the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York specializes in moral and political philosophy. In April 2019 he wrote that “there can be no greater crime against humanity than the foreseeable and methodical destruction of conditions that make human life possible,” adding that “If any nation were to enact policies calculated to systemically destroy cultural lands and displace native people, as climate change will, it would rightly raise international debates over genocide.  It makes no difference to populations forced off their homelands whether the resource exploitation responsible in West Virginia or Philippines. The climate policies of the Trump administration, backed by many Republican leaders, are rooted in culpable ignorance and transparent corruption. And they place us all at risk on a scale that previous crimes against humanity never have.”

How far has climate change put the earth in the state of cataclysmic emergency?  A global estimate was supplied by an independent report commissioned by 20 countries in 2012 to study the human and economic costs of climate change. The DARA study wrote that it: “linked 400,000 deaths worldwide to climate change each year, projecting deaths to increase to over 600,000 per year by 2030… Heat waves kill many, to be sure, but global warming also devastates food security, nutrition, and water safety.  Since mosquitoes and other pests thrive in hot, humid weather, scientists expect diseases like malaria and dengue fever to rise. Floods threaten to contaminate drinking water with bacteria and pollution.  When the report looks at the added health consequences from burning fossil fuels – aside from climate change – the number of deaths jumps from 400,000 to almost 5 million per year. Carbon-intensive economies see deaths linked to outdoor air pollution, indoor smoke from poor ventilation, occupational hazards and skin cancer.”

Despite such truism, climate change denialism remains rampant. We must now advocate attention to the “web of denial,” a network of think tanks and from groups that had execute “a colossal political scheme” to deceive the public about climate change, and to halt climate action.  That insane ideology called corporate globalization that has put the earth in the state of planetary emergency and conniving with the mainstream media and religious groups to hide the truth must now be debunked if we have to stop our accelerating drive towards the earth’s 6th extinction. The coronavirus pandemic is a wake-up call but no one seems to care.

And am not surprise! Humanity is so deeply buried   in consumerism and materialism. The profit motive based on monetary growth ideology has already captured the mindset of all governments, all institutions, all universities and all religious groups. There is so much denigration of spirituality based on the fundamental principle of the oneness and inter-connectedness of all of God’s creation. Billions of species that have been created by God even before the homo sapiens came into being have already become extinct having been sacrificed to the altar of greed and profit!

The homo sapiens, the most flawed of God’s creation have been captured by the diabolic ego-ic mind as now being exemplified by the ousted narcistic US President Donald Trump. A paradigm shift to effect social transformation is now the call of the times.  Cooperativism which is value-based and philosophy & spiritually-driven is now the liberating force to awaken and unfetter humanity from diabolic captivity. That awakening process toward a new Consciousness is now unfolding – which in fact, is the most awaited Second Coming of Christ that will give birth to a new earth and a new heaven!  CHRIST has in fact come through that SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSNESS!

The new spirituality based on that looming CONSCIOUSNESS will connect us to the SUPREME BEING that is deep within all of us. Indeed, “what would profit a man if he gains the whole world but suffers the loss of his soul!” Feel and connect with that eternal and deathless Being deep inside to realize the divine purpose of the universe now unfolding through you! That’s how important you are!  Remember you are more spirit than body!  As spiritual being, you are deathless and eternal! That consciousness has been taken away through the ego-ic mind controlled by Satan that has polluted our inner being.  That inner reality is manifested though the external world that has gone berserk, as the homo sapiens killed its own kind, more than one hundred million lives in the last 100 years and massacred all life forms and now killing the earth itself.  With that new consciousness, you will cease to be homo sapiens but be transformed into homo pacem or spiritual luminous!

When that happens, the COOPERATIVES WILL BECOME TRANSFORMATIVE FOR PEOPLE, PLANET, PROSPERITY AND PEACE!!!! You are indeed a transformative leader not transactional!