Dios Marhay na Adlaw Region V

The Office of ASec. Abdulsalam A. Guinomla visited Naga City to attend series of activities for the Cooperative Development Authority specifically as the Head of the Education, Advocacy and Union Cluster.

On the night of the Arrival of ASec. Guinomla and his companions under his cluster, they were welcomed by a dinner hosted by the Naga City Administrator, Elmer Baldemoro together with Mr. John Paul Buendia, Naga City Cooperative Development Officer. In attendance from the CDA Region V Extension Officer were their OIC- Director, Atty. Emil D. Acuesta III and Mr. Jon Andei Emmanuel Banday, Protocol Officer.

In the morning of May 23, 2023, ASec. Guinomla was able to have a Courtesy Visit to the Office of City Mayor, Nelson S. Legacion who manifested his support to CDA as he sees the importance of cooperativism especially in uplifting the socio-economic growth of the members and the society in general. He also suggested to open up the curriculum of Cooperativism in a Private School namely Naga College Foundation as it aims to have 14,000 enrollees for the upcoming school year. They were also able to have an appearance to the Sangguniang Panlungsod Members Council Meeting and was able to share the CDAs mandate especially Section 19 of RA 11364.

After which, he visited the Region V Extension Office to meet with staff and personnel to discuss any issues and concerns they have before he moved on to the highlight of his visit to the Region.

At 11:00 AM, ASec. Guinomla together with Atty. Acuesta III, Mr. Banday, Eileen Doroja, Project Development Officer and Ms. Sally Trinañes, Supervising CDS of CDA Head Office, arrived at the Bicol State College of Applied Sciences and Technology (BISCAST) and was greeted with a vibrant performance from the BISCAST Cultural Group with the presence of their College President Dr. Alex H. Navarroza and BISCAST Power Team House. Present with them are Ms. Annabelle Tuy from the Education Advocacy Union Cluster for Cooperatives, Secretary of Sectoral APEX Organization, and Ms. Ma. Daisy G. Geolin, Chairperson of the Naga City Cooperative Development Council.

The Exploratory Talk was conducted at the BISCAST Conference Room and was attended by the delegates from CDA, NCCDC, CSCCI, and the BISCAST powerhouse team. The meeting was indeed a fruitful one with everyone’s’ manifestation of support and collaboration as President Navarozza expressed his belief that this joint effort would foster a thriving cooperative sector, contributing to sustainable development and economic progress. In addition to the enthusiasm expressed by the Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Jake M. Laguador, and Professor Ana Sheryl Lynn S. Catura for the proposed program in establishing a Cooperative Development Program. The brainstorming of ideas and suggestion will be taken into consideration in crafting the Memorandum of Agreement prepare to forge their tripartite partnership.

After the exploratory talk, the delegates were able to have a comprehensive to BISCAST’s Shared Service Facilities to which cooperativism has a potential avenue. As per BISCAST the Shared Service Facilities does not only showcase their commitment to fostering cooperativism but also provide the delegates a tangible vision of how cooperative enterprises can thrive within their institution.

The partnership with BISCAST in the establishment of the Cooperative Development Program will greatly increase the promotion of cooperative values and practices. The exploratory meeting and the manifestation of support vibes a positive and a lasting partnership towards uplifting the socio economic growth of our society.