Empowering Microentrepreneurs through Bayan Academy’s Grassroots Entrepreneurship and Management (GEM) Program

Academy is inviting cooperatives to nominate their members to the Grassroots Entrepreneurship and Management (GEM) training program.   The training aims to enhance the entrepreneurial and management skills and competencies of microentrepreneurs.

‘Cooperatives are the most genuine social enterprises’, declares CDA Deputy Executive Director Giovanni Platero in a meeting with Bayan Academy Director Philip Felipe. ‘The GEM is what is needed by many cooperatives to further improve the lives of their end beneficiaries.’

The GEM covers three modules comprising Self Mastery (Entrepreneur in Heart and Mind and Entrepreneurial Mindset), Situation Mastery (Opportunity Seeking, Screening and Seizing, Practical Research and Methodologies, External Assessment and Internal Assessment) and Enterprise Mastery (Marketing, Operations, Human Resource and Financial Management). Sessions will be held in the following areas:

National Capital Region Run
Class 23 – March 13 – April 4, 2014
Class 25 – April 24 – May 16, 2014

North Luzon Run
Class 24 – March 19-21, 2014 (Baguio City)
Class 29 – July 16-18, 2014 (Vigan City)

South Luzon Run (San Pablo City)
Class 28 – July 2-4, 2014

Visayas Run (Iloilo City)
Class 26 – April 28-May 7, 2014

Mindanao Run (Davao City)
Class 27– May 26-June 4, 2014

Participants must be nominated by their respective cooperatives and should be able to comply with the following requirements:

  1. Must be an existing client/member (relative or employee of client) of a microfinance institution/cooperative/rural bank or a Citi Microentrepreneur of the Year (MOTY) Award Winner;
  2. Active or present micro borrower with existing enterprise;
  3. A high potential client by definition of the participating institution;
  4. 18-60 years old, male or female;
  5. At least on the 3rd loan cycle;
  6. Have a minimum loan amount of P20,000;
  7. Willing to commit and finish the 9-day training in National Capital Region (NCR, Palawan, Visayas and Mindanao) or 3-day training in North/South Luzon Region;and,
  8. Willing to submit a Net worth Monitoring Sheet of the enterprise (form to be provided).

The program is already in its 4th year and have already helped 837 entrepreneurs improved their assets, income, net worth and able to generate more employment. Impact of the program will be monitored in partnership with the sending institutions.

The GEM program is under Bayan Academy’s Citi Microenterprise Development Center sponsored by the Citi Foundation. Now on its 4th year, the program has helped 837 entrepreneurs improve their assets, income, net worth and job generation. The impact will be continuously monitored in partnership with the sending institutions.

For more information, please contact Ms. Sherrylyn Dorias at 426-3140 or email at [email protected] or [email protected]. You may also visit www.bayanacademy.org or www.cmdc.ph.