As the story goes, if there is a beginning there must be an end. And my term as CDA chairman ends today. It seemed like only a few days ago when I came to CDA. But look, this will already be my last CDA public appearance as Chairman.

A pleasant good afternoon to all of you.

And so, ladies and gentlemen, today is the day where I have to thank each and everyone of you for giving me inspirations, perspirations, challenges and sometimes a no-sleep-night after the board meeting.

Thank you for supporting me in my 3-Point Agenda. At least, this made our beloved agency showed that our personnel do not talk too much, do not act too slow, and do too little (well, except for a few). We were able to prove them wrong.

With the thrust programs, through convergences, we were able to get the support of the cooperative movement, and opened their eyes on the need to increase the cooperative membership. Because of this, in one way or another, the coops assets and volume of business as the sector’s contribution to GDP had increased tremendously.

Thank you for your belief to the CDAs HRD programs were our internal and external clients benefited an unprecedented gain and achievements, and which affirmed that continuous education is a must to achieve progress in an evolving society.

Thank you to the planners and implementers of CDA Gawad Parangal for showing your tireless efforts and dedication and in preserving the integrity of the process in the selection of awardees, thereby, giving due recognition to outstanding cooperatives and individuals that is worthy of emulation by all.

Indeed my great appreciation to the people behind the acquisition of ISO certifications. You really made yourself “super heroes” just to prove that you are worth to the call and challenges of times. For the information of everybody, this morning, nine (9) Regional Offices of CDA were granted the ISO 9001:2008 certificates. Except for Region 8 (Tacloban) which is understandable, this made the whole CDA agency globally competitive as a government agency.

My special mention and recognition to the support team (Administrative, Finance and BAC) for giving all the administrative requirements needed in the agency’s infrastructure programs, procurements of inputs and hardwares or provisioning of capital outlays. And also to CPDAD for building a strong tie between the CDA and partner agencies, which assured us of their collective support to our activities and shared our vision and advocacies.

Thank you also to the honorable members of the Board of Administrators, Directors, Division Chiefs and staff who shared their talents and expertise to devise and/or craft the best Memorandum Circulars as well as the proposed IRR in order to prove that the Agency is equal to the task.

Thank you also to all the CDA Regional Directors, who performed to the best of their abilities and for being good subordinates and friends, and the RDs’ Assistants and personnel for helping me trumpet the strong presence of the CDA in the movement, thus, wholeheartedly help me in the process of changing the preconceived tainted meaning of CDA as Cannot Do Anything into CDA, meaning Can Do Anything.

It will be a sin, if I will never mention the efforts of ours partners and friends – the coop leaders and advocates who, all throughout my 3 years and 7 months stint, gave me their all-out support to prove that cooperativism is a tool and vehicle for socio-economic development. My appreciation and gratitude to all of you from deep into my heart.

There are a lot more to do in the CDA. So let us welcome the other people or everyone who wants to share their guts.

Kapurihan po at pasasalamat sa Diyos ang aking ibinibigay sapagkat naka graduate ako. Natapos ko ang aking tungkuling sinumpaan bilang CDA chairman.

Sa inyo pong lahat maraming maraming salamat po. At hindi ko po makakalimutan na sa tanang buhay ko ay naging bahagi kayo ng aking paglilingkod sa CDA.

Sa mga nahirapan at naapektuhan sa aking panunungkulan, sorry po, patawad po, nadala lang po ako ng aking hangarin na mapagbuti ang serbisyo ng ating minamahal na CDA at tuloy matamo ang tagumpay sa ating mga isinulong na programa.

This time, it is my honor and privilege to turn-over the full authority and responsibilities to my successor, the OIC Chairman Eulogio Castillo. May I request him to receive the following:

  • The CDA flag that symbolizes the goodwill of the agency that carries the burden of making the best that it can be;
  • The CDA Charter that give mandates to the agencies functions;
  • The Cooperative Code where we have to depend on;
  • The proposed IRR which we have to pursue to give credence to the CDA mandate;
  • And lastly, the Puerto Princesa City Palawan Declaration on what the coop sector wants to happen in the coming years.

Maraming salamat po at magandang hapon sa inyong lahat!