Nature’s Multi-Functional Treasure

The Binalan Agriculture Cooperative (BIAGCO) stands as a vibrant testament to the transformative power of collective effort and sustainable agricultural practices. The term BIAGCO was inspired from the Ilocano dialect “BIAG KO” which means “Buhay ko” in Filipino. Established with a mutual goal to enrich the lives of its members while bolstering continuous economic growth, Binalan Agriculture Cooperative (BIAGCO) epitomizes the core values of cooperative principles. Guided by a steadfast dedication to self-reliance and collaborative support, this cooperative initiative has rallied local farmers together, fostering a shared platform to enhance their agricultural pursuits.

The stories of cooperative-beneficiaries whose lives have been positively impacted by CDA’s intervention are truly inspiring. Take the example of the Binalan Agriculture Cooperative (BIAGCO) in a rural province. Before CDA’s intervention, the cooperative struggled to market its organic produce effectively. With the CDA’s guidance, they revamped their marketing approach, tapping into online platforms and expanding their customer base.

As a result, the cooperative’s income increased within a year, benefiting not only its members but also the local community. According to Proseso Eslabon, BOD, “Ang pinaka-mahalagang bahagi ng Kooperatiba ay Pag-kakaisa”. With the guidance of CDA in our cooperative journey, we successfully marketed our crops, ensuring a steady income stream. This, in turn, enabled us to support our children’s education, he added.

CDA’s intervention is not merely a short-term fix; it’s a foundation for long-term success. By fostering financial literacy, improving governance structures, and enhancing marketing skills, the CDA equips cooperative beneficiaries to independently steer their enterprises toward growth and sustainability. These improvements collectively enable their driving force, with capacity to make informed decisions and navigate challenges independently.  Members are enabled to make informed choices collectively, leading to more efficient operations and long-term stability.

BIAGCO is currently committed to their Coco-farm nursery which was provided by the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) through CFIDP, featuring an impressive count of 8,525 coconut trees that invigorate their agricultural enterprises. More so, the cooperative is entitled for financial assistance from the CDA, amplifying the capital accessible to their members, to be utilized in their coconut farm endeavors. Their ambition is to not only cater to their local community but also to establish a national trading by introducing a variety of innovative products.

When the CDA steps in, positive transformations unfold. Expert advisors collaborate with cooperative-beneficiaries to assess their specific needs and design tailored strategies. Through workshops, seminars, and training sessions, the CDA imparts valuable knowledge in areas such as governance, financial management, and marketing techniques. This intervention not only empowers cooperative members with the skills needed to navigate the complex business landscape but also instills a sense of ownership and pride in their cooperative venture.