New Set of CDA Board of Administrators on a High Gear

Barely one month after the CDA Board of Administrators muster the quorum, the present set of the CDA Board of Administrators passed 82 resolutions in its two special and one regular meetings for February of this year.

In February 1 special meeting, the first order of the day was the reconstitution of the Oversight Functions of the board. The oversight functions of the individual Administrators aim to look into the monitoring of the implementation of the policies and programs promulgated by the board with the end view of identifying areas for improvement in the process of policy development. CDA Chairman Emmanuel Santiaguel clarified in the briefing of the newly appointed Administrator Mercedes Castillo from Visayas and Administrator Eulogio Castillo from Luzon that there should be clear demarcation line between the policy-making and program implementation and or policy execution. “The concerned Administrators tasked to monitor specific policies and programs must ensure that they should not meddle in the detailed operation of a particular unit of the agency,” The CDA Chairman stressed. “Their involvement in the policy execution is to monitor and determine whether there are gaps that need to be addressed through policy intervention”, Chairman Santiaguel added.

The identified oversight functions follow the important types of cooperatives and related industry cluster. The following Administrators are assigned to oversee the policy and program implementation of the areas of concerns opposite their names:

Chairman Emmanuel M. Santiaguel – Advocacy, Training and Education Cooperatives (including Unions, Councils and LGU cooperative office)

Administrator Eulogio T. Castillo – Credit and Financial Service Cooperatives, Insurance Cooperatives and Cooperative Banks

Administrator Mercedes D. Castillo – Producers and Consumers Cooperatives, Agrarian Cooperatives, Marketing Cooperatives, Dairy and Fishermen’s Cooperatives

Administrator Nelon B. Alindogan – Service Cooperatives (Electric, Health, Water, Transport and Housing Cooperatives)

The policy determining issues relating to Planning, Finance, Personnel and General Administration are the concerns of the Chairman as the Chief Executive Officer of the office. In the light of the promulgation of such BOA action thru Resolution 01 s of 2013, the BOA Res. No. 354, s-2011 dated November 13, 2011 in reference to the oversight committees of the Board of Administrators and Technical Working Group is consequently revoked.

During the first BOA meeting for 2013, most of the actions taken by them are confined to Personnel and Administrative Matters including the re-assumption of Atty. Niel A. Santillan as Executive Director. There are a lot of things that requires the validation and confirmation of the board like the retirement of some personnel and renewal of contract of employment for some. The last time the board had a meeting was in July 2012. (GTP)