• Sun.Star Cagayan de Oro
  • Kim’s Dream
  • May 4, 2020

NEGATIVITY in contemporaneous times is manifested in so many ways, be it economically, socially or environmentally. In a world where only one percent of the population is in control of the economy, where the total wealth of eight richest American families equals the total assets of some 3.6 billion people, that is economic negativity in its highest degree.


In a world where 821 million are hungry, a cake worth $72,000 was shared upon in a big birthday celebration in California. Every time there is a surplus of milk production in the USA, the excess is thrown to the sea, so with the excess of wheat that is just being burned. Why? The capitalists don’t want to decrease the price of these commodities as such will lower down their rakings. I was shocked upon reading this truism in a library in North America where my Ph.D. sister, Dr. Zenaida Ravanera was teaching. That is socio-economic negativity at its worst.

The portrayal of negativity ecologically is even more horrible. In fact, the Earth now is facing its sixth extinction, an offshoot of the homo sapiens: negativity. Everyday, 1,000 hectares of 386-meter high iceberg are melting in the Arctic and the Antarctic which is causing the rising of the sea level. There are wildfires in the Amazons and Australia while the Sahara Desert is expanding without let-up. Billions species of flora and fauna are now extinct. Gaia (Mother Earth) is now dying – no more lungs (the forests), no more veins (rivers), acidic stomach (bays) and so much headaches (destruction of the ozone layer).

In his very popular book, the Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle said, “Negativity is totally unnatural. It is psychic pollutant, and there is a deep link between the poisoning and destruction of nature and the vast negativity that has accumulated in the collective human psyche. No other life form in the planet knows negativity, only humans, just as no other life form violates and poisons the Earth.

Indeed, collective insanity seems to be the order of the day because of man’s egoic mind that is sacrificing Mother Earth and the people to the altar of greed and profit. Based on the Study of Oxfam, “there is now so much veneration to the profit motive that has captured the mindset of all governments, all universities, all institutions and even of religious groups.” The world is so much enamored to so much externalities, external appearances, so much materialism and consumerism. Being so buried in trivialities, there is so much denigration to spirituality.

With that negativity looming all over, how can the humans be awakened? Well, perhaps another form of negativity that should stun humans to have the much needed paradigm shift. We humans are in deep slumber, buried in a state of unconsciousness. It is time for us to realize that                    God has made humans in His likeness and image to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. That is how important we are.

Covid-19 is zoonotic. A hundred years ago, HIV came about from South Africa when the Africans began eating Chimpanzees and the HIV virus began attacking human. In the same breath that Covid-19 came about when Chinese in Wuhan, China began eating “paniki” thus, another zoonotic disease came into being.

That historical truth alone makes it imperative for us humans to make some reflection. Shall we now accept the truism that all of God’s creation are inter-connected and we must abide on that oneness. It must dawn upon us now that deep within all of us in the core of our being is an intelligence, a principle that organizes our actions of mind and body. But we cannot be in the core of our being unless we pass the dark lee-ways and pathways of our egoic mind brought about by so much illusion.

We must now go to the core of our being and feel the presence of the Unseen Being, the one to Generate, to Organize and to Dispense (GOD) the actions of body and spirit. It is only then that we can have inner peace and Covid-19 will have no match against the Unseen Being that is deep within our being. With that, no negativity – be socio-economic, ecological or Covid-19 – can defeat that high spirituality!