The Cooperative Development Authority marked its 25th Anniversary on March 10, 2015, coinciding with its annual National Human Resource Development Program for three days on March 10-12, 2015, held at Bakasyunan Resort in Tanay, Rizal.

Mayor Rafael A. Tanjuatco of Tanay, Rizal welcomed the CDA family in his province and congratulated the entire work force for its Silver Jubillee and celebration of cooperative centennial. He likewise cited the important role of cooperatives in the province of Tanay in terms of uplifting the living conditions of its members and the community.

OIC Administrator Eulogio T. Castillo in his opening remarks said that the Jubillee celebration “is a celebration of cooperation, unity and partnership of CDA with the cooperative sector, stakeholders and government agencies.” He added that with CDA as having crafted and formulated policies and rules for a long time, it has gained the support of the cooperative sector as well as the stakeholders that could be considered as both facilitative and assistive in bringing higher standards of service to the general public.

OIC Castillo likewise stated that the CDA is continually working towards transparency and integrity in the discharge of its mandate, as it has crafted a six-year medium term plan for the cooperative sector entitled “Vision 2020: A Radiant Agency Implementing an Integrated and Comprehensive Plan for Cooperatives” for the period 2015-2020 that will enable for the Agency to create a society of greater opportunity for all, as well as the challenges that it would be facing, particularly the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) 2015 or ASEAN Integration.

The occasion was made special with the presence of the Agency’s first Chairperson, Mrs. Edna Elizaga Aberilla, the Keynote Speaker, who was appointed by former President Corazon C. Aquino (1990-1996) with six other members of the Board of Administrators – Atty. Pacifico J. Abraham, Vicente U. Quintana, Myron A. Gawigawen, Jose Maria Villanueva and Atty. Florencio S. Corral. Now 84, fondly looked back at the 6 years she spent with CDA which she described as “happy” as she worked with “beautiful people who are committed to a noble cause of improving the lives of people in cooperatives.” She likewise expressed gratitude to the men and women of CDA who has contributed their abilities that made the CDA what it is today. She called on the CDA’s mother agency, the Department of Finance (DOF) to extend fund assistance to CDA to support its various activities.

DOF Undersecretary Gil Beltran, representing Secretary Cesar V. Purisima, said that the DOF wanted the Agency to intensify its involvement in developmental activity. He stated the various plans of DOF such as the establishment of collateral registry, credit information bureau and ensuring small and medium enterprises participation in financial markets. He likewise mentioned on DOF’s efforts to promote financial literacy program, and development of small, micro insurance products.

Usec. Beltran congratulated CDA for its 25th anniversary, and for having achieved a membership growth of 13 million, which indicate that cooperatives will remain vibrant and provide bigger access to market where CDA can take part.

What was considered as the highlight of the occasion was the awarding of 54 employees from the central and 15 extension offices who have been in active service in the Agency for past twenty five years. The occasion gave a feeling of nostalgia and pride for the awardees as they were given their award of recognition for their invaluable support and commitment to the Agency.

The Board of Administrators were all present and gave their respective inspirational messages to the CDA family. Administrator Mercedes Castillo emphasized that part of the celebration is giving honor to the pioneers who had spent the best productive years of their career in service to cooperatives and their communities, adding that it was a very significant occasion as it coincides with the Cooperative Centennial Year.

Administrator Pendatun Disimban said he looked forward to the meaningful celebration given the limited time for the preparation. He encouraged everyone to work towards the development of cooperatives in our country.

Administrator Nelon Alindogan in his message emphasized that the most important asset of an organization is its human resources that he said that it is important to focus on the development of personnel to learn and develop one’s self as well as instill the proper work ethics with the core values – Excellence, Commitment, Integrity and Teamwork known as ExCITE. He expressed gratitude to all CDA employees from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao for their concern to the cooperative movement.

The event was not only a celebration but was also a chance for the staff to be informed on CDA’s various programs and new policies with the conduct of orientation during the second day on the following topics: (1) CDA Vision 2020 (2) Background and major amendments on Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA 9520   (3) New Policy on Recruitment and Promotion in CDA (4) CDA Strategic Performance and Management System (4) Department of Budget and Management New Budget System. Each topic was assigned a presentor to extensively discuss it followed by an open forum where everyone had a chance to raise their issues and concerns and clarificatory questions. The queries were ably responded to by panelists composed of the Board of Administrators and members of the technical working group who likewise acted as facilitators during the presentation.

The three-day program was capped by team-building activities like parlor games participated by officers and staff. ARMM Administrator Dimnatang Radia came to give his congratulatory messages to the officers and staff, saying that he is grateful to be part of the family.