TO ALL COOPERATIVES: Further Extension of the Deadline for the Submission of CY2023 Required Reports

Due to glitches in the Cooperative Annual Information System (CAIS) which may have caused delays in the submission of report,  the Cooperative Development Authority further extends the deadline for the submission of reports until May 31, 2024 :

Submission of reports shall only be done using the offline CAPR or submission of hard copies of the reports to the CDA Extension Offices following the procedures below:

A. Submission using the Offline CAPR shall follow the procedure in MC 2023-07, Guidelines Governing the Alternative Mode of Submission of Required Reports

To access the Offline CAPR,  click

B. Submission of Hard Copies:

Cooperatives who have encountered  difficulty in accessing the OFFLINE CAPR,  may submit the hardcopies of the following reports to their respective Extension Offices.  The forms can be downloaded in the CDA Website  through this link:

  1. Cooperative Annual Progress Report
  2. Audited Financial Statements
  3. Performance Audit Report
  4. Social Audit Report
  5. List of Officers and Trainings Attended
  6. 1st and 2nd Semester Report on Mediation and Conciliation
  7. For Electric Cooperatives, the List of Share Capital Certificate Issued to MCOs shall be sent to the email address of the CDA Extension Office having jurisdiction over the cooperative.

Cooperatives who have submitted hard copies are still required to encode their reports using the Offline CAPR  within ten (10) days from the issuance of COC.

Cooperatives who have successfully submitted the reports through CAIS but have received a Notice of Deficiency, shall submit their compliance  using the URL which will be provided in their email address.

Cooperatives who were able to access the CAIS but have not successfully proceeded in the submission of  the reports, shall  submit hard copies or through the offline CAPR.

Should you have any clarifications, please contact the CDA Extension Office concerned.

For information and guidance of all concerned.


Download Memorandum dated May 15, 2024 HERE