Turning the Tide: From Failure to Success

They encountered numerous challenges, facing ups and downs, particularly during sudden shifts in cooperative administration. Yet, after the storm subsided, they consistently regained their strength and emerged victorious, he added. With the continuous support of the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), they managed to establish connections with other agencies that catalyzed their development. Institutional assistance arrived, enabling them to reclaim their economic autonomy. Through united effort, they succeeded in elevating their cooperative from a micro to a small scale, truly exemplifying the power of cooperation.

The Sta. Cruz Multi-Purpose Cooperative (SCMPC) stands as a testament to the fact that every trial carries the potential for significant triumph. According to Mr. Quirino V. Muñoz, a member of the Board of Directors (BOD) of SCMPC, the cooperative almost faced closure due to mismanagement of the former officers.  He underscored the extensive struggle they endured in order to restore the stability of their cooperative. During an interview and inspection, he likened their cooperative to a delicate cobweb. In the face of storms symbolizing their challenges, the cooperative would be easily swept away and devastated. However, after each storm, it would gradually reappear, unnoticed but resilient.

Through ongoing engagement and supervision from the CDA, they successfully established their own office with support from various external organizations. They were also granted agricultural equipment and materials for their livelihood, dedicated to enhancing their coconut production efforts. Through their cooperative, they conveyed how they managed to enhance their economic status, enabling them to financially support their children’s education. Indeed, SC MPC emerges as a shining example of adaptability and progress.

With a strategic shift towards coconut farming production, SCMPC not only transforms its landscape but also redefines the opportunities available to its members and the local community.

Aware of the complexities of coconut farming, Santa Cruz Multipurpose Cooperative (SCMPC) invested in educating its members about the intricacies of this venture. Workshops, training sessions, and informational seminars were organized to equip members with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions and succeed in coconut farming. This empowerment not only bolstered individual efforts but also contributed to the collective success of the cooperative.

The foray into coconut farming production brought forth tangible economic benefits to both SCMPC and its members. As coconut products gained traction in various markets, the cooperative found itself in a favorable position to capitalize on the demand. With support from the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) through the Coconut Farmers and Industry Development Plan (CFIDP), the SCMPC is now dedicated to enhancing their farming output. Apart from making vinegar, the cooperative aims to broaden their range of products, aspiring to serve both their local area and the entire nation with fresh and creative products.

SCMPC is a recipient of financial assistance from PCA through the CFIDP program with the CDA’s supervision and guidance. This allocated capital is intended to be utilized in their Coco-farm activities, further enhancing their agricultural pursuits. The journey of the Santa Cruz Multipurpose Cooperative into coconut farming production is a testament to the power of vision, adaptability, and strategic planning. Through innovation, education, and a commitment to sustainable practices, SCMPC has transformed itself into a beacon of success in the agricultural landscape. As the cooperative continues to flourish, it not only secures its own future but also becomes an inspiring example for others seeking to navigate the dynamic world of agriculture.

“Marami mang pag-subok ang dumating, hindi nito kayang pabagsakin ang nag kaka-isa” – Mr. Quirino V. Muñoz, General Manager-SCMPC