CDA Region I EO

CDA R1 EO Conducts Disaster Preparedness and the Mental Health Crisis Webinar

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”, said Benjamin Franklin. Certainly,  preparation is the best strategy to overcome a challenge and manage crisis.  By preparing, one can efficiently and effectively reduce the disaster’s impact, whether it be natural, psychological or mental.

In line with the commitment to provide management training to the cooperatives and stakeholders, the Cooperative Development Authority Region I Extension Office (CDA R1 EO) held its 9th Koop Balitaan on Disaster Preparedness and Mental Health Crisis Webinar on April 1, 2022 via Zoom platform.  Daniel Maramba National High School (DMNHS) Senior High School (SHS) Teacher/Guidance Counselor Jianne D. Legaspi and Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) FOI Jim Reybuanan and FOI Jayson Cabutotan were featured speakers in the webinar.

Ms. Jianne Legaspi began her presentation by asking the question, “Kamusta ka?”. The participants positively answered in the chat box. The speaker explained that life stressors and work pressure may put a significant strain on mental health, causing short- and long-term consequences. Ms. Legaspi elaborated that due to the adverse mental effects of stress and other factors, people need to have a support communication from peers, friends, loved ones, etc. She likewise suggested that when experiencing mental health problems and other stress-related issues, an individual may seek professional help and advice.

Ms. Legaspi emphasized that mental health is an integral part of overall health. She stressed that mental health issue is a serious matter which must not be taken for granted. Further, the speaker added that every person must address the behavioral health needs to protect physical and mental health and to increase individual and community resilience.

To conclude the discussion, PCDS-La Union Constancia De Guzman formally declared an open forum. Consequently, the participants posed their queries and concerns in the comment section to which Ms. Legaspi diligently responded.

For the second part of the program, the speakers from BFP discussed Fire Safety Seminar regarding fire prevention measures for the protection of the stakeholders and the public. FOI Jim Reybuanan elucidated that being adequately prepared and equipped is the key factor of proper disaster management to prevent loss of life and injury.

After the open forum, copies of Certificate of Appreciation were presented to the Resource Speakers in recognition of their invaluable service and effort to impart their knowledge and share the learning experiences.

In fine, the cooperatives requested for the presentation materials, expressed their gratitude for the informative topic and looked forward to another round of Koop Balitaan.

(Atty. Katherine F. Ellorin, Chief, Legal Section)