CDA Region I EO

Empowering Cooperative Financial Management: A Hands-On Seminar in Mangatarem

In a bid to strengthen the financial management capabilities of cooperatives in the Municipality of Mangatarem, the Cooperative Development Authority’s (CDA) Region 1, led by Ms. Filipina H. Porio, Sr. CDS of the Registration Section, conducted a two-day Bookkeeping and Accounting Seminar on March 21-22, 2024.

The seminar focused on practical training, offering participants hands-on experience in recording actual cooperative transactions. With a structured approach, attendees were guided through the preparation of Financial Statements, starting from original entries and culminating in the finalization of Financial Statements. This comprehensive template equips cooperatives with the tools necessary to fulfill their yearly compliance requirements effectively. Moreover, the seminar delved into the digitization of cooperative processes, specifically the online application for cooperative amendments to AC/BL (Articles of Cooperation/By-Laws) and the establishment of Satellite/Branch and Laboratory Cooperatives.


Through back-to-back cliniquing sessions, participants gained practical insights into navigating and utilizing digital platforms for streamlined administrative procedures. Despite being the sole lecturer, Ms. Porio ensured a thorough learning experience for all attendees. Her expertise shone through as she provided personalized guidance, troubleshooting assistance, and orientation on CAIS (Cooperative Account Information System) and ECoopRIS (Electronic Cooperative Registration and Information System) login procedures.

Her dedication to addressing individual queries and concerns earned her positive feedback from cooperatives and coordinators alike. The impact of the seminar extends beyond the two-day event, as cooperatives in Mangatarem now possess enhanced financial management skills and familiarity with digital tools. Armed with newfound knowledge and resources, these cooperatives are better equipped to navigate the complexities of financial reporting, compliance, and administrative processes.

In conclusion, the Bookkeeping and Accounting Seminar in Mangatarem exemplifies the CDA’s commitment to empowering cooperatives through practical training and digital innovation. By equipping cooperatives with essential skills and resources, the CDA contributes to the sustainability and growth of the cooperative sector, ultimately benefiting communities and fostering economic development at the grassroots level.

(Filipina H. Porio, Sr. CDS, Jasper V. Ferrer, CDS II)