CDA Region I EO

Handicapped Persons Producers Cooperative(HAPPC) As participant to Supply and Delivery of School Furniture for Elementary, and Junior and Senior High Schools

The Handicapped Persons Producers Cooperative established on April 4, 2016, under Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) Regional Office I, Dagupan City. The principal office of the cooperative is at Sta. Maria Pangasinan inside of Saint Mary Integrated School is composed of small groups of different Persons with Disabilities living in different Barangays and Locality of Pangasinan areas.

HAPPY is one of the cooperatives nationwide that is an active supplier of School Furniture for Elementary and Junior, and Senior High Schools under the 10% Allocation for cooperatives of Persons with Disability. (PWD). The cooperative produces a thousand of school furniture delivered in different parts of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. This project comprises other items and materials to supply to different Regions procured by the Department of Education(DepEd) Nationwide. These opportunities are additional benefits to our PWD members to work, promote and develop their confidence itself through the livelihood provided by the cooperative. Thru our livelihood program, with a common goal to stream toward Independent living through our cooperative, the PWD members and none member  working together and generating income to support their families.Last March 16, 2020, the National Government declared a lockdown in Luzon because of the COVID-19 CORONA VIRUS. The effect of the COVID 19 virus is a big problem faced not only by our country but also by other countries affected by this pandemic. The cooperative initiated and donated some essential products to different government agencies to help the community prevent the corona virus’s spread. PWD members, officers, and associates also received assistance from the cooperative, such as essential foods and cash incentives during the pandemic to support the members and associate members affected by the crisis. On the other hand, some members will also provide medical support through insurance like PhilHealth, Pag-ibig, and SSS for their sicknesses. Moreover,   the Board of Directors and the officers work together to survive the needs of our PWD members during the crisis for the COVID 19 Pandemic.   This is Social Services direct to the community through the effort of the officers with the Cooperation.

Also, with the current situation, the HAPPC Livelihood activities were affected because of the sudden closure of businesses and work suspensions. But, with a strong belief in our GOD and through our consultant and the effort of the officers, continued and processed all obligations to collect the payment from the Department of Education to sustain the members’ needs and other cooperative commitments.  HAPPC distributed the groceries with Cash under the Pandemic program to our Indigenous PWD members and officers through the effort of the cooperative officers. (Door-to-Door delivery in different barangays and Locality).The Vision is to provide the livelihood engagement of generating opportunity to our brother and sister including their families capable to work for sustainable income. Their Mission is every family member of people with disability (PWDs) to participate for this activities, they earn an income and the same time provide an impetus on social inclusion with and without disabilities working together in a common environment is a major step towards main streaming of PWDs and a learning process and both.  The social goals of  HAPPC are to improve the socio- economic need of PWDs towards genuine Independent living through the cooperative frame work, HAPPC prioritize two concerns, to wit:. Social  Needs through Livelihood programs,  Community Livelihood Training and Rehabilitation Services direct to community activity participation and engagement in the community education program for children with disability (Reynaldo Pallon/Jacqueline de Leon).