CDA Region I EO

Highlights from the CDA Region I Extension Office’s Three-Day Planning Conference 2024

The recent three-day Planning Conference of the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) Region I Extension Office, held at Jmacks Garden in Sta. Barbara, Pangasinan, marked a significant step towards empowering employees and cooperatives in the region. The main objective of this Planning Conference is to deliberate on the Work and Financial Plan (WFP) for 2024, emphasizing targets and commitments crucial for the region’s development. 

On the first day, Asec. Abdulsalam A. Guinomla, Board Member III and Executive Assistant Elvira Pasagui, representing the Office of Assistant Secretary Dr. Virgilio Lazaga, graced the event. The virtual presence of Asec. Luz Yringco, delivering a motivating message, and Usec. Joseph Encabo, extending warm greetings through a video message, added a dynamic element to the conference. The participation of the Board Members brought invaluable expertise, enriching discussions and shaping strategies to guide CDA R1’s efforts in the upcoming year. This collaborative approach ensures a comprehensive plan aligning with the overarching goals of the Cooperative Development Authority.

As the conference unfolded, participants engaged in insightful workshops and exercises, guided by the Regional Director’s expertise. The emphasis was on elevating the impact of the office’s work, building on the successes achieved in 2023. 

The overall atmosphere of the three days was one of collaboration, dedication, and a shared commitment to serving cooperatives. The three-day planning conference likewise encompassed crucial discussions on various aspects, including the Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS) forms, planning structured training programs for cooperatives, financial updates, HR updates, and a reiteration of newly issued memorandum circulars. These deliberations played a pivotal role in aligning tasks with the work and financial plan of CDA R1, ensuring a targeted and strategic approach to cooperative development in the region. (Jas Ferrer, CDS II)