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Cooperative Union of Iligan City (CUIC)

Cooperative Union of Iligan City (CUIC) is a duly registered secondary cooperative pursuant to RA 6938 (an act to ordain a Cooperative Code of the Philippines as amended by RA 9520). On October 20, 2009, it got its new Certificate of Registration with CDA, as required by Article 144 of RA 9520, also known as the Philippine Cooperative Code of 2008, with Certificate of Registration No. 9520 – 10000857.

As a duly registered cooperative, it is exempt (under specific conditions) from paying certain government taxes and fees imposed by internal revenue laws and other tax laws. The Cooperative Union’s area of operation is in Region 10. Its principal office is located at Regional Cooperative Training and Marketing Center (RCTMC) Bldg. Iishai Suarez, Iligan City.  Membership in the Cooperative Union is open to all levels of cooperatives, non-governmental organizations, government organizations, associations, and people advocating cooperativism, as well as other main cooperatives officially registered with the CDA.

On February 14, 1981, Prof. E

dna A. Aberilla, a founding Chairperson of the Cooperative Union of Iligan City, founded the Cooperative Union of Iligan City as a secondary non – business cooperative, and the first General Assembly meeting of CUIC was held at the MSU – IIT Campus. She then became the Chairperson of the Region XII Union of Cooperatives (RCU – XII) and was selected as the Chairperson of the Cooperative Development Authority by the late President Corazon C. Aquino. (CDA), under Republic Act 6939, that was passed on March 10, 1990. Years later, in order to be more coherent, the CUIC Board established the Cooperative Information Research Center (CIRSC) as a CUIC implementing arm, and it became operational on July 16, 1990.

Since then, CUIC had also met the needs of primary cooperative members and has also conducted the Pre – Membership Education Seminar (PMES) for new and established Cooperatives as well as other organizations from Lanao del Norte, Lanao del Sur, and Misamis Oriental.

It was the CUIC that had a big counterpart and had played its role as a Union towards the Region in promoting the tenants of cooperativism and intensified the cooperative information campaign through regular guesting in radio program, hosting a series of consultations  and workshops

pursuant to the Cooperative Code of the Philippines and in partnership with the  CDA Region XII which funded the CUIC for the construction of its Regional Cooperative Training and Marketing Center (RCTMC) in Iishai Suarez, Iligan City in the amount of P 5.5 Million Pesos. The training center’s  a lot totaling a land area of 900 sq. meters was donated by the Iligan Integrated Steelworkers Association Inc. (IISHAI) and the Retirees Service Cooperative (RESECO MPC).

Further, on November 14, 2011, the Cooperative Union of Iligan City (CUIC) was registered with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) as an accredited training provider here in Region 10 with the CDA CTPRO No. 053.

Following that, they became the exclusive training provider to various types of cooperatives in Iligan City for about a decade as an accredited training provider. CUIC had some ups and downs, but they always took care of their primary cooperatives members. CUIC does have a financial constraint, but they are proud to announce that most of their medium and large cooperatives rely heavily on the union’s trainings.

The following pioneering officers of the Cooperative Union of Iligan City;

1981 – 1985 Chairman Mrs. Edna A. Aberilla (MSU – IIT NMPC)
1986 – 1987 Engr. Jamie Rosario (Corpus Christi MPC)
1987 – 1988 Mr. Ricardo Torres (RESECO)
1989 – 1990 Mr. Benjamin Orbe Sr. (RESECO)

With the New Set of officers today under the abled Leadership of the following officer’s year 2021 – 2022;

Chairman:        Dr. David N. Almarez (MSU – IIT NMPC)

Vice – Chairman: Hector B. Guillena (Iligan Cement MPC)


  1. Rolando P. Castro (Couples for Christ – Mindanao MPC)
  2. Jan Roland Cambangay (Fil – Vinyl MPC)
  3. Carlito Casino (Phil. Eagles MPC)
  4. Julie O. Lao (Corpus Christi MPC)
  5. Ann Bugtay (Upper Hinaplanon Aggregates MPC)
  6. Roderick Padayhag (HOLCIM MPC)
  7. Brenda Janoran (Iligan Bay MPC)
  8. Marlon Orong (Newtech Pulp Employees MPC)
  9. Rogelio Montebon (Royal Developer Consortium TSC)
  10. Job Caldino (San Miguel Woodcraft MPC)
  11. Jessel Arada (KERDOS MPC)
  12. Kizzie Jim Garban (SLIT MPC)
  13.  VI A. Labajo (ILMISOR MPC)
  14. Election Committee: Ian Cris Cadile (Phil. Science HS MPC)
  15. Audit Committee: Pet Capangpangan (Serviamus MPC)
  16. MEDCON Committee: Emily P. Cabalo (Iligan city National HS MPC)
  17. Education Committee: Hector B. Guillena (ICMPC)
  18. General Manager: Kizzie Jim G. Garban
  19. Admin Assistant: Bien Joseph G. Baloria
  20. Admin Staff: Angelo Andoyo

These are the trainings provided by the CUIC since 2021 and this year as of March 2022.

  1. Fundamentals of Cooperative – 10 trainings with 324 participants
  2. Cooperative Governance and Management – 8 trainings and 230 participants
  3. Financial Management – 2 trainings with 158 participants
  4. Leadership and Values Re – Orientation – 1 training with 29 participants
  5. Risk Management – 1 training with 27 participants
  6. Code of Ethics for Cooperatives – 1 training with 22 participants
  7. Gender and Development – 1 training with 33 participants
  8. Effective Communication Skills – 2 training with 46 participants
  9. Conflict Resolution – 2 trainings with 46 participants
  10. Conflict Management – 2 trainings with 46 participants
  11. Strategic Planning – 2 trainings with 42 participants

Total of 32 trainings with 1042 participants.

This is the Cooperat

ive Union of Iligan City today with the full support of MSU – IIT NMPC, Iligan Cement MPC and  all other big Coops here in Iligan City and Lanao del Norte.