CDA Region X EO

Macapagal Drive-Crossing Canitoan,
Zone 2, Barangay Canitoan
9000 Cagayan de Oro City

Promoting Fire Safety Awareness: CDA Region 10 Hosts Seminar and Drill for Fire Prevention Month


          Cagayan de Oro City, March 7, 2024 – As part of the nationwide observance of Fire Prevention Month, the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) Region 10 organized an initiative aimed at enhancing fire safety awareness and preparedness among its stakeholders.

          The CDA Region 10 Office in Canitoan, Cagayan de Oro City, served as the venue for the Fire Safety Seminar and Drill conducted by the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) R10 Station 07 – Bulua Fire Station. The event was participated by all personnel of CDA Region 10. The speakers were FO3 Von Olive Pabilona, FO2 Michael John P. Ubalde, FO2 Marc Naguita, FO1 John Mark C. Barcellano, and FO1 John Carlo C. Jagape.

          The seminar covered practical topics essential for fire safety, with experts from the Fire Officers of BFP R10 Station 07 – Bulua Fire Station providing valuable insights into the powers and functions of the Bureau of Fire Protection, the chemistry of fire, common fire hazards, fire classification, and proper fire extinguisher usage.

          One of the highlights of the event was a hands-on drill, wherein CDA personnel actively participated in simulated fire scenarios. This practical exercise aimed to reinforce the knowledge gained from the seminar and to equip participants with the necessary skills to respond effectively to real-life fire emergencies.

          On a final note, all participants were reminded of the mnemonic “SAFETY” as a guide for appropriate actions in the event of a fire:

S: Sound the Alarm/shout
A: Alert the nearest Fire Station
F: Fight fire if necessary
E: Evacuate
T: Tell others
Y: You keep yourself cleared

          The Fire Safety Seminar and Drill organized by CDA Region 10 underscored the importance of proactive measures in mitigating fire risks and ensuring the safety and security of the cooperative community. By fostering awareness and preparedness, such initiatives contribute to building a resilient and secure environment for all stakeholders.