2024 Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Awareness Orientation Boosts Preparedness at CDA-Caraga

By: RHODA JILL T. PASTOR – Admin. Asst. II/Bookkeeper

The 2024 Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Awareness Orientation, conducted by Cooperative Development Authority- Caraga, emerged as a vital initiative towards enhancing staff preparedness during disasters. Held on March 15, 2024 at CDA-Caraga Conference Room, the event welcomed guest speaker Mr. Ronald Anthony P. Briol,Information Officer II of the Office of Civil Defense, who brought valuable insights and expertise to the table.

The orientation drew active participation from CDA-Caraga personnel, both in person and virtually, showcasing the keen interest and engagement of the attendees. The orientation primarily focused on increasing awareness of basic disaster risk reduction management and preparedness.

Mr. Briol’s presentation began with an overview of disasters and hazards, citing examples of natural and human-induced disasters. He emphasized the country’s vulnerability to natural calamities such as typhoons,earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, underscoring the importance of preparedness and resilience.

Moreover, the speaker highlighted the critical need for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Awareness Orientation in light of the series of disasters that have struck Caraga Region in recent years, including Typhoon Odette in 2021 and the 7.4-magnitude earthquake in 2023. This stressed the urgency for preparedness among us Caraganons.

The orientation also delved key aspects of disaster preparedness, including early warning systems and coordination with the various government agencies. Additionally, Mr. Briol shed light on the functions of the Office of Civil Defense during times of disaster risks.

The interactive session concluded with a Q&A segment, allowing participants to gain further insights and clarify their understanding of DRRM concepts. Overall, the orientation served as a crucial platform for CDA staff to bolster their knowledge and readiness for disasters, thereby contributing to a safer and more resilient workplace and community.