Barobo Cooperatives Unite to Celebrate Cooperative Month

Barobo,October 20, 2023 – the Local Government Unit of Barobo in collaboration with the Municipal Agriculture Office and Cooperative Development Authority, orchestrated an enriching Cooperative Day in commemoration of the Cooperative Month.  Spearheaded by the dedicated efforts of Ms. Christine Joy Morante, MCDO– designate, and the Municipal Cooperative Development Council, the event was a vibrant display of community solidarity and cooperative spirit.

The day commenced with a spirited motorcade, graced by the enthusiastic presence of various cooperative representatives from Barobo, each proudly displaying their specially crafted Cooperative Month banners.

A heartwarming program ensued, featuring uplifting messages of support from esteemed personalities. SB member Hon. Narciso Moresca, chairperson of the Committee on Cooperatives, delivered an encouraging address, underscoring the vital role of cooperatives in fostering community development. Mr. Johnny Ramos, the Municipal Agriculturist, shared insightful perspectives on the significance of agricultural cooperatives in driving local prosperity.  Mr. Fritzieh Trujillo, Cooperative Development Specialist (PLGU), offered valuable insights on the dynamic potential of cooperative initiatives in empowering local economies.

In the keynote speech, Ms. Anecita O. Unson, Senior CDS representing the CDA Regional Director Monatao Honeya R. Alawi, emphasized the enduring impact of  cooperative endeavors in fostering inclusive growth and sustainable development.  Her resonant words echoed the CDA’s unwavering commitment to supporting and nurturing the cooperative movement in Barobo and beyond.

The event encapsulated the collaborative spirit and shared vision of a thriving cooperative sector, serving as a testament to the enduring power of community-driven initiatives.******