CDA-CARAGA Empowers Cooperative Growth in Collaboration with San Francisco LGU

The Cooperative Development Offices (CDOs) serve as the Cooperative Development Authority’s (CDA) extension arms, working to advance plans and programs for cooperatives. On July 27, 2023, CDA Caraga, led by Regional Director Monatao Honeya R. Alawi, engaged in a cooperative-focused discussion at the Office of the Municipal Mayor of San Francisco, Agusan del Sur.

The meeting’s primary objective was to introduce the mayor to the CDA’s Merger and Consolidation Program, a response to the President’s SONA priority of supporting small farmer cooperatives for their development. The program empowers small farmer cooperatives by encouraging them to merge or consolidate, bolstering their operational capacity and garnering support from local government units.

Director Alawi also took the opportunity to discuss staffing concerns at the Municipal Cooperative Development Office (MCDO), where a head has yet to be appointed for the City Cooperative Office. During the productive discussion, Mayor Atty. Grace Carmel D. Paredes-Bravo reaffirmed her unwavering support for the cooperative movement. She firmly believes that with proper guidance, cooperatives can become essential partners in driving progress through government-assisted people’s programs and projects.

In addition to the Merger and Consolidation Program, the CDA actively conducts capability-building programs, including trainings and fora, to further empower cooperatives. These initiatives focus on enhancing their skills, knowledge, and organizational capabilities.

Through fruitful collaboration with the San Francisco LGU, CDA-CARAGA is committed to fostering cooperative growth and making a positive impact on the lives of cooperatives and their communities.  ********

by Niño Rosil C. Bantayan