CDA-CARAGA engages in a Preliminary Dialogue with NEMSU College of Law in Pursuit of the CDA Legal Awareness Program (CLAP)

August 18, 2023 – The Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) Caraga, led by Atty. Kenny Junce P. Altubar, met with NEMSU-College of Law Dean, Attorney Daniel L. Diaz, for an initial discussion of a potential partnership for the CDA Legal Awareness Program (CLAP), in line with the Clinical Legal Education Program (CLEP), which is part of the law school curriculum.

The CDA Legal Awareness Program (CLAP) aims to help future lawyers to understand Cooperatives better. CDA plans to partner with law schools to develop and put CLAP into action, following the Revised Law Student Practice Rule.

Dean Atty. Daniel L. Diaz expressed his support and willingness of the program and to discuss the matter further with NEMSU’s management. He mentioned that NEMSU has a Law Clinic called “BULIG Cent er” (“Bulig” means to help/assist), which he can offer for the Cooperatives referred by CDA-Caraga Extension Office. Also, Atty. Diaz invited CDA-Caraga to their Law Week Celebration on the third week of September to discuss about Cooperativism and CDA Programs.

Both parties are looking forward to draft a formal agreement, called a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)/ Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). There will be further talks to iron out the details of the MOA/MOU before the execution. As part of this collaboration, CDA-Caraga thru Atty. Altubar invited Atty. Diaz on the Cooperative Month on October 2023. CDA-Caraga, in coordination with the Legal Affairs Service of the CDA Central Office will organize a series of webinars covering topics like Introduction to CDA and cooperativism, RA 9520, RA 11364, and the Omnibus Rules of Procedure.

NEMSU’s College of Law currently offers Level 1 of the clinical program, which involves students engaging with communities, Human Rights and Environmental Activities. Likewise, level 2 Certifications for Law Student Practitioners (LSPs), which involves practice court and drafting of pleadings, is rolling for the lower years as the School of Law is sharp-focused on making a mark on the coming bar examination for their pioneering law students.