CDA-Region XIII Officials attend COA Exit Conference for CY 2023

By Dahleevy Jane B. Borromeo, Accountant II

The Exit Conference for the Calendar Year 2023, conducted by the Commission on Audit – Regional Office No. XIII on March 19, 2024, in the Cooperative Development Authority-Region XIII Conference Room, signifies a crucial step in the audit process. The conference was attended by the Audit Team, led by Team Leader Ms. Charito A. Macoto, along with key personnel from CDA-Region XIII, headed by Regional Director Monatao Honeya R. Alawi. This forum provided an avenue for both parties to thoroughly review and discuss the findings, observations, and recommendations stemming from the CY 2023 audit.

During the conference, COA representatives presented their assessment, encapsulated in the Audit Observation Memorandum (AOM), to the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) Region XIII. The evaluation for CY 2023 encompassed four recommendations for improvement, reflecting CDA Regions XIII’s commitment to adhering to these recommendations.

The acknowledgment from the resident auditors regarding the prompt action taken by CDA personnel to comply with all prior audit observations for the calendar year 2022 is a testament to the agency’s commitment to accountability and improvement. By fully implementing all ten recommendations, CDA Region XIII demonstrates a proactive stance towards rectifying identified issues and enhancing operational efficiency.

Regional Director Monatao Honeya Alawi’s unwavering commitment to cooperation and strict adherence to accounting rules and regulations epitomizes the core values of CDA Region XIII. By championing these standards, RD Alawi underscores the organization’s profound dedication to transparency and compliance. Prioritizing adherence to established standards reflects, a proactive stance in ensuring the agency operates ethically and legally. This approach minimizes the risk of financial irregularities and ensures all transactions are conducted with integrity. Moreover, RD Alawi’s emphasis on adherence to standards serves as a bulwark against potential reputational damage, safeguarding the trust of the public and bolstering the credibility of CDA Region XIII within the cooperative sector. Through this commitment to transparency, compliance, and integrity.

In summary, the Exit Conference for CY 2023 represents a significant juncture for CDA-Region XIII, allowing for a comprehensive evaluation of performance, remediation of identified issues, and fortification of internal controls to ensure ongoing compliance with regulatory mandates.