CMPL RCO Caraga Officers and Members Consultative Meeting with Asec. Datu Pendatun Disimban

Asec. Datu Pendatun “Penny” B. Disimban, head of the Consumers, Marketing, Producers and Logistics (CMPL) Cooperatives Cluster, visited Caraga and conducted a consultative meeting with the CMPL Cooperatives Regional Clustered Organization (RCO) Officers and Members with the support and facilitation of CDA Caraga Regional Office headed by Monatao Honeya Radia-Alawi.

The consultative meeting was called for in order to provide a venue for consultation with Asec. Disimban and the cluster officers and members, and resolve issues and concerns affecting the cluster. Also, the CMPL Cluster accomplishments and ways forward were presented as well as the strategic planning output conducted last July.